Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

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SPMS patient with diagnosed symptoms. Case study after stem cell treatment for secondary progressive Ms/


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slide 1: PATIENT CASE STUDY 061 Multiple Sclerosis Name: Age: 41 Sex: Male Nationality: Portuguese Treatment center: Belgrade Date: 12.-23. September 2012 / 18.-20. March 2013 Diagnosis: Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis PRE-TREATMENT CONDITION: Physical examination shows stable vital signs. The patient relies on his wheelchair suffers from constipation and urinary incontinence. Speech problems are frequent swallowing problems appear rarely. The patient complains about fatigue lack of energy declining vision and depression. Stiffness and pain in leg muscles is also a problem. He has trouble focusing sometimes. Weakness in limbs is obvious. Movement coordination problems are visible. TREATMENT DATA STEM CELL TREATMENT STEM CELL TYPE EXTRACTION DATE EXTRACTION TYPE DELIVERY DATE DELIVERY TYPE SIDE EFFECTS Adipose 13. Sept. Liposuction 13. Sept. IV none Bone marrow 14. Sept. Aspiration 14. Sept. IV none ENHANCEMENT PROCEDURES PROCEDURE DATES No. of treatments SIDE EFFECTS Oxyven therapy 18.-22. Sept 5 none Xenon gas inhalation 15.-19. Sept. 5 none Plasmapheresis 17. Sept. 1 none Blood irradiation 18.-22. Sept. 5 none PHYSIOTHERAPY PROCEDURE DATES No. of treatments SIDE EFFECTS Lymphatic drainage 18.- 23. Sept. 6 none Magnetic field therapy 17-22. Sept. 6 none Massage 16 - 22. Sept. 6 none

slide 2: PATIENT CONDITION: After stem cell treatment the patient had no side effects seems tired and sleepy but cheerful. Enhancement procedures and Physiotherapy especially Lymphatic drainage eliminated almost all the stiffness in legs. His energy levels significantly improved and pains became less intensive. Vision and movement coordination improved the patient had no focusing and speech problems while at the treatment center. Weakness in limbs is less pronounced but is still existent. SWISS MEDICA SUPPLEMENTS MEDICATION Supplement DOSE ADMINISTRATION SIDE EFFECTS Swiss Medica Neurometabolic protocol ® 4 x 100 ml IV none Swiss Medica Regenerative protocol ® 5 x 10 ml IM injection none FOLLOW - UP 1 Treatment center: Belgrade Date: 21. December 2012 Patient condition: 3 months after Stem cell treatment the patient is satisfied with the results of the treatment especially elimination of muscle stiffness speech and focus problems. He can walk with only one crutch for short distances but stresses that it pains him to walk this way longer than 10 minutes. Urinary and bowel problems are much less pronounced but existent not as frequent as before the treatment. He emphasizes depression and energy levels as the symptoms that reduce his motivation to perform his exercises recommended by Swiss Medica medical team.

slide 3: FOLLOW - UP 2 Treatment center: Belgrade Date: 17. March 2013 Patient condition: 6 months after the treatment patients own evaluation shows slight deterioration or stagnation of improvement in some of the symptoms. Although he can walk for much longer periods with higher energy levels and less pain muscle stiffness and movement coordination got worse. Depression became more frequent as well as communication problems. RECOMMENDATION: Due to slight deterioration of improvements in patients condition medical team recommends and the patient agrees on the second Stem cell treatment procedure. SECOND TREATMENT DATA STEM CELL TREATMENT STEM CELL TYPE EXTRACTION DATE EXTRACTION TYPE DELIVERY DATE DELIVERY TYPE SIDE EFFECTS Adipose 18. March Liposuction 18. March IV none Bone marrow 19. March Aspiration 19. March IV none PATIENT CONDITION: After second stem cell treatment the patient had no side effects. Muscle stiffness movement coordination and speech problems are completely eliminated. Day after the treatment patient walked 15 meters without crutches.

slide 4: FOLLOW - UP 3 Treatment center: Belgrade Date: 20. March 2013 FINAL ASSESSMENT

slide 5: Based on the patients evaluation on the levels of improvement of his condition improvements of the symptoms are graded 1-10 we can conclude that his overall condition significantly improved average rating of 6.90 immediately after stem cell administration. First follow-up evaluation showed additional improvements in all of his symptoms average rating of 8.33. Second follow-up evaluation showed deterioration and stagnation in some of the symptoms. Second stem cell treatment eliminated said symptoms which resulted in improved rating. Final improvement rating is 8.83 - patients condition improved 883 by his own assessment.

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