Age of Chivalry

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Age of Chivalry : 

Age of Chivalry

Knights: Technology : 

Knights: Technology Charles Martel organizes Frankish troops of armored horsemen, called Knights Leather saddles keep a warrior firmly seated Stirrups hold a knight on their horse

Knight’s Duties : 

Knight’s Duties Lords rewarded Knights with fiefs Wealth from fiefs allowed for knight’s expenses, such as weapons, armor, and horses

Knight as a Vassal : 

Knight as a Vassal Knight is still a Lord’s vassal In return for the land, the Knight’s main responsibility is to serve in battle Knights typically owed their Lord’s 40 days of combat a year Knights trained by wrestling and hunting to gain strength and practice

Code of Chivalry : 

Code of Chivalry Complex set of ideals Demand that knight fight bravely, protect the poor and weak Ideal knight was brave, strong, loyal, courageous Most knights failed to meet the standard by treating the lower class brutally

How to Become a Knight : 

How to Become a Knight 7 years old – Page – noble’s son is sent for training to another lord’s castle Waits on his host and begins practicing fighting 14 years old – Squire – servant to a knight 21 years old – Knight After becoming a knight, most travel for a few years Some participate in tournaments, which are mock battles, where two armies of knights charge against each other

Castles : 

Castles Fortress designed for defense with massive walls and guard towers Inhabited by lord, lady, their family, knights, and servants Defensive strategies: Advantage of being on top of a hill and fortified Archer with crossbows Pour boiling water, hot oil, or molten lead on enemies

Literature : 

Literature Idealized castle life, glorified chivalry and knighthood, tournaments, and battles Poetry about a knight’s love for a lady Epic poetry Long poem about hero’s deeds and adventures King Arthur The Song of Roland – earliest and most famous medieval poem Praises battle of the French vs. Muslims in Spain

Love Poems and Songs : 

Love Poems and Songs Knight’s duty to his lady was extremely important Portrayed in many poems as coming into conflict with duty to his Lord Troubadours – traveling poet-musicians Composed short verses and songs typically about romantic love and lovesick knights Made the knight seem more romantic rather than brutal Made the noble women seem beautiful, flawless, and pure

Noblewomen : 

Noblewomen Can inherit estates from husband Can send knights to war Educated by tutors When her husband was off fighting, she served as the military commander to protect the castle Throwing rocks and firing arrows towards the attackers

Realistically : 

Realistically Noblewomen were limited to activities in the home or the convent Held little property because it was usually passed down to sons and not daughters

Peasant Women : 

Peasant Women Labor around the home Had children Take care of family Work in the fields Poor and powerless

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