Rise of Roman Empire

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Rise of the Roman Empire : 

Rise of the Roman Empire

Second Triumvirate : 

Second Triumvirate Octavian 18 year old grandnephew & adopted son of Caesar Mark Antony Experienced General Lepidus Powerful Politician Defeat Brutus and Cassius Assume control Rule for 10 years

Jealousy & Violence : 

Jealousy & Violence Octavian forces Lepidus to retire Mark Antony goes to Egypt and falls in love with Cleopatra Octavian thinks they are plotting against him and Antony is attempting to rule Rome from Egypt

Battle of Actium : 

Battle of Actium Civil War occurs between Mark Antony and Octavian 31 BCE, Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra’s naval forces at the Battle of Actium Mark Antony & Cleopatra commit suicide

Roman Empire!! : 

Roman Empire!! Senate gives Octavian title of Augustus – which means “exalted one” Keeps title of imperator - which means “supreme military commander” Imperator = Emperor Princep – Augustus’ favorite title; means “first citizen” Rome is now officially an Empire because it is ruled by one person!!

Pax Romana : 

Pax Romana Means “Roman Peace” 27 BCE – 207 AD Augustus stabilized the frontier Augustus creates system of government to maintain empire’s stability; creates civil service People would be paid to manage government jobs such as tax collection and postal service Many civil servants were plebeians or former slaves Lots of public building Augustus “found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble”

Agriculture : 

Agriculture 90% of people engaged in farming Most important industry in the Empire Able to trade products efficiently on the vast Roman roadways

Slavery : 

Slavery Conquered during war Could be bought and sold Property of their owners Could be punished, rewarded, set free, or put to death – whatever their masters wanted Strong men would be forced to become gladiators

Religion : 

Religion Numina – powerful spirits or divine force that resided in everything Lares – guardian spirit of each family Copied Gods of Greece, but renamed them Required by law to worship Gods publicly and privately During the empire, worship of the emperor became part of the official religion of Rome During Pax Romana, Christianity slowly emerged; early followers would be met with brutality and hardship

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