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Power Point describing a well written 5 sentence paragraph with multiple choice and short answer questions about main idea and supporting details.


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Writing a Good Paragraph : 

Writing a Good Paragraph Ms. Weber Grant County Middle School Technology

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1 or 2 sentences that tells what the paragraph will be about and grabs the readers attention. 1st detail that supports the main idea 2nd detail that supports the main idea 3rd detail that supports the main idea 1 or 2 sentences that summarizes the main idea and supporting details A Good Paragraph Is Like a Good Hamburger!

Begin With A Topic Sentence : 

Begin With A Topic Sentence State What the Paragraph Is About (The Topic) Make It Interesting. Be Sure To Indent. The Top Half of the bun!

Write three detail sentences : 

Write three detail sentences The “MEAT” of the paragraph with some extras like tomatoes and lettuce! Each sentence should tell about the topic. Use good describing words and interesting action words.

Ending sentence: : 

Ending sentence: Restate the topic of the paragraph. Keep it interesting. Make it a closing sentence so your reader knows this is the end of the paragraph. Bottom Of The Bun Holding the Sandwich All Together!

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Write an interesting topic sentence that is indented. Write three detail sentences that are about the topic. Write a closing sentence that restates the topic. Now you are ready to write an incredible five sentence paragraph! Let’s Review:

Let’s Practice! : 

Let’s Practice! The next few slides contain multiple choice and short answer questions. On the answer sheet provided, fill in the correct answer.

Question #1 : 

Question #1 Recycling paper, glass, and plastic is easy and necessary. If materials can be recycled to be reused, this is much better than allowing this trash to sit in a landfill. What is the main idea? Paper, glass, and plastic can be turned into other useful things like bags.    B. Recycling cuts down on trash.    C. Landfills are filled with trash.

Question #2 : 

Question #2 In writing an article about how to build a birdhouse, which would be the best way to support key ideas?              Tell a story about the birdhouse you built in the fourth grade.    B. Describe in detail the kinds of houses different birds prefer.    C. Show many pictures and drawings of birds and birdhouses.    D. Give step-by-step directions on how to build a birdhouse.

Question #3 : 

Question #3 Congress is the legislative branch of our government. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Representatives are elected to two-year terms while senators are elected to six-year terms. The main job of Congress is to create and pass laws that govern the citizens of the United States. Congress is an important part of the checks and balances of our government.Which of the following sentences would add appropriate detail to the paragraph?              John F. Kennedy was a senator before being elected President of the United States.    Every state has two senators, but representatives are apportioned by population.    The Supreme Court can rule laws unconstitutional.    D. Washington, D.C., does not have a senator.

Question #4 : 

Question #4 Put the sentences in the most logical order. How to Bake a Cake   1. Finally, you pour the batter in the pans and place them in the oven. 2. First you mix together the dry ingredients such as the flour, sugar, and baking powder. 3. Then, you mix it all together in the mixer until the batter is smooth and has no lumps. 4. Next, you put in the wet ingredients such as the eggs, milk, and vegetable oil.              A. 1-2-3-4    B. 2-3-4-1    C. 4-3-1-2    D. 2-4-3-1

Question #5 : 

Question #5 Which sentence has the best descriptive detail?              Bella felt happy.    Bella was thrilled.    Bella jumped for joy.    Bella is excited.

Question #6 : 

Question #6 Parker is my new, very active golden retriever. Because he is constantly in motion and energetic, he often pounces upon visitors and startles them with his enthusiasm. Yesterday he devoured one of my tennis shoes, two of Dad's socks, and the corner of our dining room carpet. When left in the backyard, Parker likes to dig up flowers, chew on his dog house, and protect us from imaginary burglars by howling loudly. My father insists that I take him to dog obedience classes before he acquires more bad habits. Which of the following sentences would not support the main idea?              The neighbors have threatened to call the police if Parker does not quit his howling.    Golden retrievers love to swim and will jump into any body of water they can find.    Parker has begun chewing on the the shingles of his dog house.    Parker enjoys jumping up on visitors in order to lick their faces.

Question #7 : 

Question #7 The St. Lawrence Seaway was a joint project of the United States and Canada. Together, the two countries built a series of canals, locks, and channels. They connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the St. Lawrence River. The seaway opened up the central part of North America to shipping to and from Europe. It had been in use since 1959.The main idea in this passage is:A. the Atlantic Ocean B. the St. Lawrence Seaway C. Europe D. the St. Lawrence River

Question #8 : 

Question #8 October 4, 1957 was a big day for scientists. It was the day the Russians launched Sputnik I into space. Sputnik I went into orbit and circled the earth. It was the first time that a man-made object had ever orbited the earth. It was a day for Russian scientists to celebrate. It challenged American astronauts to come up with the next big event.The main idea in this passage is:A. Where was Sputnik I launched? B. Why was October 4, 1957 an important day? C. Why did it present a challenge to American scientists? D. What was the first man-made object in space?

Question #9 Write a complete sentence for the main idea of the paragraph. : 

Question #9 Write a complete sentence for the main idea of the paragraph. There are many different kinds of music. People enjoy all types of styles. There is rock and roll, which usually is played loudly. It has a strong beat, and people often move a lot when listening to it. There is classical music, which uses sounds from several different instruments and is often played by an orchestra. It can have an exciting, fast beat or consist of soothing tones. Rap music has words that are spoken to a background of music. Chants often are sung without any instrumental music. Music that is sung without instruments is called acapella.The main idea in this passage is:

Question #10 : 

Question #10 Your turn… Using the writing prompt and topic sentences below write a complete 5 sentence paragraph on your answer page. Imagine you have just won a million dollars in the lottery. What will you do with it? Topic Sentence: Woo hoo! I just won a million dollars.

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