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Women in Mathematics:

Women in Mathematics By Matthew Norwood (Team 30)

What’s the problem?:

Women’s achievements in mathematics often go unrecognized The percentage of women attaining degrees of all levels in math is lower than men’s What’s the problem?


Statistics Women receive less doctorates overall There are nearly one third less women majoring in the physical sciences, which include math

A Way to Help:

A Way to Help Girls, especially in high school, need to feel more inspired to pursue math They should see the achievements of other women and feel encouraged

Website :

Website I’ve decided to create an informational site as a resource

Featuring Cool Information!:

Featuring Cool Information!

Interviews with current Math Students:

Interviews with current Math Students

Also on the site :

Also on the site Historical overview of famous women in math. Statistics links YouTube videos Link to Association for Women in Mathematics site Bibliography page

How to market such a site?:

How to market such a site? Social media seems the best way to inform young girls Facebook Instagram Twitter Myspace ! (just kidding)

Impact :

Impact Measuring the impact Future potential Cost of advertisement

And finally, check out my site!! :

And finally, check out my site!! Women in Mathematics! Thanks for watching!

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