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Science Terms : 

Science Terms Week 1.4


MATTER anything that has mass and takes up space All living and nonliving things are made up of matter so basically, EVERYTHING is matter.


MASS the amount of matter or material that an object contains


DENSITY how much mass is in a certain volume of matter to find density you divide the mass of the object by its volume


VOLUME the amount of space that matter takes up

Slide 6: 

There are 3 states of matter


SOLID has a shape and volume of its own


LIQUID has a certain volume, but has no shape of its own. A liquid takes the shape of its container

GAS : 

GAS does not have a shape or volume of its own

Meter : 

Meter a unit for measuring length

Cubic meter : 

Cubic meter a unit for measuring the volume of a solid. A cube 1 meter long, 1 meter wide, and 1 meter high is a cubic meter

Liter : 

Liter a unit for measuring volume

Graduated cylinder : 

Graduated cylinder a tool used to measure the volume of liquids

Gram : 

Gram the base unit for measuring mass

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