Understanding and Using Maps and Globes

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Understanding and Using Maps and Globes : 

Understanding and Using Maps and Globes Qtr. 1 Week 1

Understanding and using globes - Discussion Questions : 

Understanding and using globes - Discussion Questions 1. Name the seven continents.    North America, South America, Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Africa   2. Name the four oceans.   Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic    3. What is the equator? an imaginary line going around the earth in a east and west direction. It divides the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.   4. What is the Prime Meridian?   an imaginary line that runs N. and S. It’s the starting line of longitude and is labeled zero degrees longitude.    5. Name the four hemispheres. N., S., W., E.,

Discussion Questions: cont. : 

Discussion Questions: cont. 6. What is the earth's axis?   an imaginary line that goes through the center of the earth and through the N. and S. Poles.    7. How are lines of latitude and longitude used to locate places on earth?   to locate places on earth. The lines are numbered and used as a grid   8. Why do many places on earth have four seasons?   because of the earth’s tilt on its axis. Sometimes the N. Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and has spring and summer. At this time, the S. Hemisphere is tilted away and gets less sunlight, so it has fall and winter    9. What is a scale model?   a smaller version of a real thing. A globe is a scale model of the earth often millions of times smaller.    10. What is the key on a globe? will often show symbols used to represent things

Understanding and Using Maps – Discussion Questions : 

Understanding and Using Maps – Discussion Questions 1. What is the compass rose?   shows which direction north is so that all other directions can be determined    2. What are the four cardinal directions?   north, south, east, and west    3. What are the four intermediate directions?   northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest    4. What is a key or legend on a map?   shows what various symbols stand for on the map    5. What is a map scale?   is used to calculate distances on the map.

Discussion Ques – Cont. : 

Discussion Ques – Cont. 6. How are symbols used on a map?   to identify such things a major cities, capitals, roads, lakes, railroad tracks, etc    7. What is a political map?   shows boundaries between countries and states, major cities and capitals    8. What is a physical map?   shows the natural features of an area, such as plains, valleys, and mountains. It usually includes a key which shows elevation.    9. What is an oceanographic map?   shows the depth of the ocean and gives a view of underwater features    Some maps show elevations. What does that mean? has to do with a comparison of how low or high an area is with respect to sea level

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