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The information comes from our Prentice Hall world history book as well as History Alive! The Medieval World.


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Byzantine Empire Outline- Part 2:

Byzantine Empire Outline- Part 2 Big drama in da club on this one!!! Ohhh , I love drama!

B. The Church Divides:

B. The Church Divides B. The Church Divides 1. during Middle Ages, Byz . Christians & western Christians went further apart 2. contributing to split- disagreement on icons; define icon- holy image of Jesus, Mary, or a saint venerated ( venerated - worshipped, given a lot of respect) in the Eastern Orthodox Church

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3. these images used in Byzantine worship; helped bring people closer to God since the avg person couldn ’ t read   4. some thought people were wrongly worshipping icons as if they were divine ( divine - of, from, or like God or a god)

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5. 730- Byz. emp. Leo banned worship of icons b/c it violated the 2 nd commandment that said not to worship “ graven images ” (graven images- a carved idol or representation of a god used as an object of worship) 6. this led to iconoclasm ( “ icon smashing ” ) & destruction of much religious art; ppl. protested; in Rome, popes mad b/c Leo ’ s ban applied to parts of Italy under Byzantine control

C. The Great Schism (schism- split):

C. The Great Schism (schism- split) 1. define Great Schism- the official split betw . the Roman Catholic & Byzantine churches that occurred in 1054 Here comes the drama in da world history class.

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2. patriarch of Constan ., Cerularius , wanted to re-establish Byz . control of the church; he closed all churches that used western relig . practices 3. Pope Leo IX ( fr. W Eur ) very mad; sent Cardinal Humbert to Constan .; Cardinal went to altar of Hagia Sophia , put down proclamation from Pope Leo excommunicating (kicking out) Cerularius ( Cel .) You’re out of the church Cerularius !

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4. Cel. then excommunicated Cardinal Humbert (only a symbolic act for Cel. b/c patriarch couldn ’ t do this); then the Eastern Orthodox Church & Roman Catholic Church were split for good Roman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church

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Divide your half sheet into three columns. Label the columns NUMBER, PERSON, CONTROVERSY Fill in the column that you are assigned with a fact from p. 1.

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Stand up, walk around the room, and get a fact from a classmate for the columns that are blank. Look at their paper and write their fact onto your paper.

IV. The Empire Suffers Crisis and Collapse :

IV. The Empire Suffers Crisis and Collapse in 1054 , when Byz . Christians split from the Roman Cath. Church, Byz . Emp. was declining struggles over who would be next emperor & constant war weakened empire Byz . Emp. was weak & its enemies, especially the Seljuk Turks (who converted to Islam as they conquered land) , threatened the empire

A. The Crusades Lead to Plunder :

A. The Crusades Lead to Plunder 1. 1090s - Byz . Emp asked W Eur. for help fighting Seljuks (S); S had blocked Jerus . pilgrimage routes); this led to the 1 st Crusade

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2. 1204 - merchants fr. Venice got knights on the 4 th Crusade to attack Constan . b/c cities of Venice & Constan . were trade rivals 3 . Crusaders burned, looted Constan . for 3 days; W Christians ruled Constan . for 57 yrs.

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4. Byz . Emp. never recovered; Venice merch . controlled Byz . trade & Byz . Emp. lost its wealth 5. Ottoman Turks (Muslims) gained control of Asia Minor & Balkans

B. Constantinople Falls to the Ottoman Turks (OT) :

B. Constantinople Falls to the Ottoman Turks (OT) 1. 1453 - Ottoman army surrounded Constan., had cannons; Byz. defenders made chain across harbor 2. OT brought ships on land then into harbor; aft. 2 mo. siege , OT stormed Constan.  

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3. Constan. renamed Istanbul & became Ottoman Emp. capital 4 . Hagia Sophia --  mosque (Islamic house of worship); Istanbul= center of Muslim culture

V. The Byzantine Heritage :

V. The Byzantine Heritage to Europeans, empire was a long-lasting symbol of Roman civilization for 1,000 years, Byzantines built on Hellenistic (Greek) culture Byz . civilization mixed Christian relig . beliefs w/ Greek science, philosophy, arts, literature & Roman engineering & law

A. Unique Contributions in the Arts :

A. Unique Contributions in the Arts 1. relig . art & architecture that infl. Western styles 2. icons - meant to bring out God’s presence; gave ppl . sense of personal contact w/ God 3. mosaics - showed scenes fr. Bible

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4. architecture- Byz. palaces/churches were mix of Greek, Roman, Persian, Middle Eastern styles

B. The World of Learning:

B. The World of Learning 1. preserved works fr. ancient Greece; produced own books esp. history  2. like Greek historians, Byz. historians like Procopius wrote about their own times 3. Anna Comnena - considered 1 st important female historian in W world; analyzed dad Alexius I ’ s reign

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4. 1400s, empire about to collapse so many Greek scholars went to teach @ univ. in Italy ; took knowledge west (& this later contributed to the Renaissance )

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The End! See you next time there’s drama in da world history class!

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Write YOUR name at the top of the card. You ’ re going to do a project on the iPads the next few days. Write if you want to do it by yourself or with a partner. Write ALONE or PARTNER. If you ’ d like to work with a partner, write the names of 3-4 people you ’ d like to work with.

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