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PayPal known for his huge payment program people using around the world, well,now it's become more easy to get in touch with their support executive to answer payment related query.


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Welcome to PayPal Support XYZ:

Welcome to PayPal Support XYZ We’re ready 24/7 assistance.

PayPal Security Tips for Customers:

PayPal Security Tips for Customers Sign in securely:  Open another internet browser –  Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome . Just sort in the accompanying:  Log in to your PayPal account securely. Confirm the received email:  PayPal will send messages and dependably address you by your first and last name. A  PayPal scam/fraud  email may incorporate the welcome  "Dear PayPal Member"  or  "Dear PayPal User" . Check more

Eliminate PayPal Account Limitation:

Eliminate PayPal Account Limitation This is how you'll remove your account limitation: 1 Visit Resolution Center Page 2 Click go to Account limitation 3 Click Solve next to each step. If you successfully complete the necessary steps and ask for more information by email, please reply as quickly as possible in order to resolve things. When they have requested additional details, but you are unclear how and what to provide, please check the type of documents they actually accept.

Retrieve Forgotten PayPal Password:

Retrieve Forgotten PayPal Password Now if you kept forgetting your PayPal password but remember your email address. Try the following to get back to your PayPal account: Just go to login Web page Simply click Login with trouble? Leave your PayPal email address as well as then click next. Pick how you'd like your password to be recovered and simply click Next. (Some options like Call us, receive a text, receive an email, answer your security questions or Confirm through Facebook Messenger will be displayed.) You will see a code on the next screen if you choose to call us. Use it when you receive our call. We will then simply ask you to make a new password (You're asked to enter it twice). Check More

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