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LOST Character Analysis PHL4995:

LOST Character Analysis PHL4995

Character Analysis:

Character Analysis There is a purpose to our lives that each day tugs at our sleeve as an annoying distraction.  ~Robert Brault

Benjamin Linus:

Benjamin Linus Leader? Childhood Acceptance

Charlie Pace:

Charlie Pace Rock Star Loyal Hero

Claire Littleton:

Claire Littleton Sweet and Innocent Thrown into Motherhood Crazy?

Hugo Reyes:

Hugo Reyes Luck Humanitarian Talks to the Deceased

Jack Shephard:

Jack Shephard Baggage Leader True Believer

James Ford:

James Ford Trauma Selfish A brand new man

John Locke:

John Locke Mysterious Man of Faith Transformed

Juliet Burke:

Juliet Burke Intelligent Ethics Strong

Kate Austen:

Kate Austen Criminal One of the Guys New Circumstances

Sayid Jarrah:

Sayid Jarrah Evil? Victim of Environment Loyal

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