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Fact and Opinion

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2 Fact or Opinion Fact  a sentence that is TRUE. Opinion  what someone THINKS or FEELS.

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3 REMEMBER…  A fact is a sentence that is TRUE.  An opinion tells what someone THINKS or FEELS.

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4 Read these sentences. Can you decide which ones are fact or opinion I go to school. I think I would make a good astronaut. Yesterday I ate some food. The earth moves around the sun. Winter is the best time of the year. FACT OPINION FACT FACT OPINION

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5 Fact: __________________________ Fact: ___________________________ Opinion: ________________________ My friend has on an orange shirt. My friend is a girl. My friend is fun to play with.

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6 Animals What do you know What do you think BIRDS Fact:____________ Fact:____________ Opinion:_________ ________________ Birds have wings. Birds build nests. Birds are beautiful creatures.

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7 What about… Dogs Fact:________ ____________ Fact:________ ____________ Opinion:______ ____________ Dogs are mammals. Dogs can bark. Dogs are my favorite pet

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8 Or what about… Fish Fact:__________ ______________ Fact:__________ ______________ Opinion:_______ ______________ Fish live in water. Fish are amphibians. Fish feel funny.

slide 9:

9 FACT and OPINION REVIEW An ___________ tells what someone thinks or feels. A ___________ is a sentence that is true. Fact or Opinion  Football is the best sport of all  Each student in my class is in 1 st . grade.  Monterrey is a state in Mexico.  You should eat pickles every night. opinion fact

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