Personalized Learning Environments

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Personalized Learning Environments:

Personalized Learning Environments By Matthew Sheets

Defining PLEs:

Defining PLEs What exactly is a personalized learning environment? How would you define it?

PLE - Definition:

PLE - Definition No consensus of what it is… “Not a software application” “more of a new learning approach to using technologies for learning” Fielder & Valjataga

Concept or Technology:

Concept or Technology Attwell “It is critical PLEs are being seen as not just a new application of educational technology, but rather seen as a concept” “PLE represent a significant shift in pedagogic approaches” Fielder & Valjataga

Concept or Technology:

Concept or Technology Changes PLEs bring; One size fits all approach does not work Allows for moving of technology from partial PLE-ness to full PLE-ness Application of web 2.0 and Service Oriented Architecture to education PLE is no longer separated from the internet and teachers designs more open environment Learners construct personal environments Collection of tools used by user to meet their needs Fielder & Valjataga

Advantages of PLE Approach:

Advantages of PLE Approach What are the advantages of this curricular approach? Cloggy

The Digital Divide:

The Digital Divide Do PLEs leave some students behind? Why? Which ones?

PowerPoint Presentation:

High-tech PLE – Test case:

High-tech PLE – Test case Independent school in SE U.S. 15 students 9 week course Contemporary Issues research project 3 days in the classroom 2 days online Drexler

High-tech PLE:

High-tech PLE Drexler

High-tech PLE:

High-tech PLE Drexler

Low-tech PLE:

Low-tech PLE Self-directed learning & Project-based learning Evaluate and aggregate online information Use Web 2.0 tools that are available

Low-tech PLE:

Low-tech PLE P roject on a Mesopotamian civilization Spent 1 period (75 min) in computer lab and 2 periods working in class Project completed at home

Low-tech PLE:

Low-tech PLE Students learned how to search online, evaluate websites, and compare information Learned how to attach documents to an e-mail Final project posted to W ikispaces Will blog a reflection and comment on others


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