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The brilliant places in Hong Kong : 

The brilliant places in Hong Kong BY BY KELLY YU

Contents : 

Contents Ocean Park HK History Museum The Peak IFC

Ocean Park : 

Ocean Park Games Shops and restaurants Benches Real life characters Haunted House lots of interesting animals Ocean Park is an amazing place for little kids, kids, adults and even elderly. Little kids and elderly can get in for free and kids have a discount.

HK History Museum : 

HK History Museum Artifacts for everyone to enjoy Kids can learn Elderly can study it Older kids and Adults find it interesting A chance to learn all about where you are and what made it

The Peak : 

The Peak Shopping Peak Tram Eating with view from peak tower The History Gallery if you haven’t gone to HK History Museum already. There are also nature walks that not only is easy for visitors to access but has stunning vistas, lush tropical forests and extensive birdlife. Everyone can shop and eat and there are lots of cool places there. The Peak Tram is amazing.

IFC : 

IFC Unique new cinema The second IFC has 88 storeys Shopping Cool view Four Seasons Hotel HKs waterfront position, overlooking Victoria Harbour IFC is fantastic you should really see as many as those floors as possible!

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