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Using Computers in 3D Graphics : 

Using Computers in 3D Graphics Computer Aided Design programmes can be : Wire frame modelling Surface modelling Solid models

CAD : 

CAD Wire Frame drawings – this is a more technical way of viewing the design. Surface modelling – this is when colour and texture can be added Solid modelling – the model is made of solid geometric shapes which can be mathematically tested.

Features of CAD programmes : 

Features of CAD programmes Drawing tools that can be adjusted for colour, width, shape. Text font styles etc. Measuring systems to be accurate Rotating, mirroring, copying Can view a product in 3D using Virtual Prototyping. Products can be made directly from a CAD package into a suitable output device.

Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture : 

Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture Inputs Drawing on a computer (2D Design Tools or Pro-desktop) Outputs Cutting out a paper, acrylic or card net using a laser cutter. Cutting out sticky plastic using a Stika machine. Cutting out acrylic, MDF , Aluminium using the CAMM2 machine Stereo lithography – RAPID PROTOTYPING

Advantages of CAD/CAM : 

Advantages of CAD/CAM Speed Improvement in quality Communication of changes Storage and retrieval of data

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