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COULD YOU BE LOVED? “The road of life is rocky And you may stumble too So while you point your fingers Someone else is judging you. Love you brother man!” Bob Marley aka “Tuff Gong” Reggae King & Legend- By: Mary Cato By: Mary Cato

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Life of Bob Marley “One good thing about music, when it hits- you feel no pain” “My music will go on forever.  Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts.  My music will go on forever.” “My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.”-June ,1976 Feb 6, 1945 : Bob Marley was born in Nine Miles, Jamaica. In the 1970’s:- The Wailers & Marley made the first ever reggae album Catch A Fire . In 1976 : Reggae hit America. Rolling Stone Magazine named them “Band of the Year”. In 1977 : Exodus was recorded making Bob Marley an international reggae superstar. He was given a Jah Rasafari ring owned by Ethiopian emperor Haile Selaisse. By: Mary Cato

Life of Bob Marley:

In April 1978 - He performed the “One Love Peace” Concert in Jamaica that united 2 rival prime ministers. He received the “Piece Medal of the 3 rd World” from the UN. A month before his death in 1981, he was awarded Jamaica’s “Order of Merit” (known as the nations 3 rd highest honor) in recognition of his contribution to the culture of Jamaica. Life of Bob Marley By: Mary Cato

Style of Music:

Style of Music Bob Marley’s style of reggae was Rock Steady & Rastafarian roots. Overall… Reggae : Is described as rhythmic, melodic, harmonic fusion music that blends rock, R&B, Latin American & African rhythms. Most Jamaican music involves call-and-response singing, and dancing with religious expression that often involves healing and cleansing for ancestor help. By: Mary Cato


Instruments The instruments used in reggae nowadays are usually electronic. In Bob Marley’s music the main instruments we can sense are the guitar, bass, and drums. Historically instruments in reggae include: Steel drum triangle Glass bottles machete maraca drums DRUMS - The drum is central to all Jamaican music having ties to Africa. MARACAS – Are used by many village bands. Other alternatives: triangles, and glass bottles (struck with a stone or any hard object). BOOM PIPE – Is a Jamaican stamping tube. About a hundred years age an animal horn was played like a trumpet to send signals. Some groups also use a bamboo stick beaten with two other sticks and a machete struck with a metal beater. Bamboo sticks By: Mary Cato

History of Reggae Music :

History of Reggae Music Reggae originated in the Urban sections of Jamaica. It is mostly associated with Rastafarians (believers who regard Ethiopia as the Promised Land and Haile Selassie as a messiah). Reggae is influenced by: *West African music (music of Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria…) *Jamaican Ska ( a mixture of jazz, New Orleans blues, and Jamaican mento ) *Soca (a fusion of calypso with Indian rhythms. Originated in Trinidad.) In the 1960s, Ska evolved into Rock steady, and then Reggae as the beats got slower, and the studios got tired of dealing with horn sections. By: Mary Cato

Impact & Importance of Bob Marley:

Impact & Importance of B o b M a r l e y His voice can be heard on radio stations in varies countries around the world (from the Caribbean, U.S, Asia, Africa, Europe). Concerts & Festivals (especially the “Ragga Muffin Festival”) continue to be held in his name. Bob Marley is a legend even till this day! Rastafarian religion and the phrase “One Love” (Unity) have spread internationally from Rasta & Reggae wear. By: Mary Cato

Impact & Importance of Bob Marley:

Impact & Importance of B o b M a r l e y After his death Dancehall emerged as well as Reggaeton “Reguetón” (blends hip-hop, Jamaican music, Reggae, Dancehall and Latin America music such as Bomba). Rasta religion and beliefs have spread as well and continue to flow in musicians lyrics from Jamaica and else where. Sean Paul Dancehall Eric Clapton - Blues & rock Wyclef Jean - Hip-Hop & Creole French Pitbull - Reggaeton y mas Sublime - Ska, Dub, Punk, Reggae, Hip-Hop Erykah Badu Neo- soul, R&B, Hip-H Rupee Calypso, Soca y Soul Beenie Man Dancehall Elephant Man Dancehall Shakira Reggaeton y mas Through his inspiration, reggae music has expanded into different forms… Rihanna Dancehall, Pop, Reggae MACH Y DADDY “La Esencia de Tu Amor” Reggae y Reggaeton (Panama) MR. VEGAS “Taxi Fare” f/ Lexxus Dancehall (Jamaica) By: Mary Cato

Time to test your knowledge! :

Time to test your knowledge! Most people do not know that Bob Marley’s name was actually Robert Nesta Marley- “Nesta” meaning messenger. Even though he died in 1981, he still sells more albums each year than any other Reggae artist. Religiously, he was a Rastafarian. QUESTIONS ? 1.) WHERE WAS BOB MARLEY BORN? 2.) CAN YOU NAME AT LEAST TWO MUSIC ARTISTS MENTIONED WHOSE MUSIC HAS BEEN INFLUENCED BY REGGAE AND OR BOB MARLEY? 3.) CAN YOU NAME AT LEAST TWO INSTRUMENTS USED IN REGGAE MUSIC? Nine Miles, JAMAICA Sean Paul, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton, Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Rihanna, Rupee, Sublime, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Pitbull, Mach y Daddy, Mr. Vegas & Lexxus Drums, Maracas, Guitar, Boom pipe, triangle, Bamboo stick, machete, glass bottles. By: Mary Cato

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