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More Fun with the Periodic Table :

More Fun with the Periodic Table Marissa S.

Let’s Use the Periodic Table to Identify Properties of Silicon:

Let’s Use the Periodic Table to Identify Properties of Silicon 14 Si 28.0855 Silicon Element Name Symbol Atomic Number Atomic Mass Mass Number Number of Protons Number of Neutrons Number of Electrons Silicon Si 14 28.0855 28 14 14 14 Using the periodic table, we can identify that Silicon is in group 4A and period 3 on the periodic table. We can also identify that it is a metalloid.

Bohr Models :

Bohr Models Note: Silicon has 14 electrons.

Electrons, Electrons, Electrons:

Electrons, Electrons, Electrons Electrons are one of the most important things in chemistry. Chemistry happens between ELECTRONS of different atoms. There are many ways to express the amount of electrons an atom has. The Bohr model shown in the previous slide is one of them. Here are two more: On the left, the orbital notation of silicon is shown. On the right the electron configuration is shown.

Orbital Notation:

Orbital Notation To determine the order the electrons fill each orbital, use the diagonal rule, which is shown below.

Electron Configuration:

Electron Configuration

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