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Sports : 


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- Team Sports Handball Football Volleyball Rugby Basketball - Individual Sports Freestyle Motocross

Indoor and Outdoor Sports : : 

Indoor Sports : - Team Sports Futsal - Individual Sports Table Tennis Billiards Badminton (these sports can be practised in a team) Indoor and Outdoor Sports :

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Outdoor Sports : - Team Sports PaintBall Beach Volley - Individual Sports Ski Surf

My favourite sport : 

My favourite sport Football (Futebol) Number of Players: 11 players (número de jogadores por equipa) My Favourites Teams (as minhas equipas favoritas) Manchester United Benfica Famous Players (jogares famosos) Cristiano Ronaldo Kaka Ronaldinho

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Place: Football Pitch (local onde se pratica) Equipment (equipamento usado) ball boots(chuteiras) leg pads (caneleiras) sweat-shirt (camisola) socks (meias) football shorts(calções)

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