Portraiture #3

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Depth of field; high/medium/low key lighting


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Portraiture #3 : 

Portraiture #3

Depth of Field : 

Depth of Field Use shallow DOF (e.g. F2.8) to isolate subject from the background, or hide a distracting background

Depth of Field : 

Depth of Field Use large DOF (e.g. F13) to connect subject to the background (provides context).

“Key” Lighting : 

“Key” Lighting Mainly described the type of lighting Also can describe the wardrobe, background, and exposure

Low Key : 

Low Key Dark lighting Dark clothes and background May be slightly underexposed (faster shutter speed and/or larger F-stop than default)

Slide 6: 

Sator Arepo Westmount Photography Dmitry Ageev

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High Key : 

High Key Bright lighting Bright/light clothes and background May be slightly overexposed (slower shutter speed and/or smaller F-stop than default)

v : 

v Catherine Wooden DanicaW

v : 

v Marko Simonen Hans Duedal Sydney Rachael

Medium Key : 

Medium Key Mixture of dark and bright lighting Not as popular as a purposeful “style” Chelsey Wilson Jacek Bonecki

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRHwtLmzus4 : 


Activity : 

Activity Practice high key and low key portraits Use backgrounds or natural settings Manipulate light in any way necessary Adjust camera for under/overexposure Save images for use at a later date

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