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Which looks better: colour or monochrome?


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Photo Challenge:

Photo Challenge Colour or B&W? Colour restorations by Sanna Dullaway

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Color is very much about atmosphere and emotion and the feel of a place. “ (Alex Webb)

PowerPoint Presentation:

“If you’re photographing in color you show the color of their clothes – if you use black and white, you will show the color of their soul .” ( Unknown)

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“One very important difference between color and monochromatic photography is this: in black and white you suggest; in color you state. Much can be implied by suggestion, but statement demands certainty… absolute certainty .” (Paul Outerbridge )

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“… color is like dynamite – dangerous, unless you know how to use it .” (Anonymous)

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Dmitry Ageev


Pros Realistic Conveys moods and symbolism through use of colour Adds life to a still subject Dynamic Cons Busy, chaotic Distracting: easy to miss details Shows all colours—even unwanted ones Not timeless Colour

B&W – Monochrome:

Pros Timeless Traditional Emphasizes contrast in lighting, shapes, etc. “Hides” unwanted colours Organizes chaos Focuses attention Cons Not realistic Cannot convey mood or symbolism through colour B&W – Monochrome

Your Challenge:

Take several sets of photos, in which there is a B&W and and a colour version of the subject Choose one set that looks better in B&W, and one that looks better in colour By tomorrow: upload the two sets to your blog(s) with short descriptions of why the chosen images look better (Work alone or with a partner) Your Challenge

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