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Using single hues in photography


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Colour: Hue:

Colour: Hue


Hue What we call the “colour” Our eyes are sensitive to certain colours Our emotions are also sensitive!

Using Single Hues:

Using Single Hues Consider the effect of the hue Crop closely to eliminate other colours Are other hues present? How do they effect the image? How saturated is the hue? What effect does the saturation have?

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An image that uses only the range of one hue is a form of monochrome . The most common monochromatic images are Black & White, and Cyanotype (blue image).

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More commonly, a single hue is focused on and emphasized, but it is not the only hue.

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Often an image is a study in colour and pattern and/or texture.

Colour Symbolism:

Colour Symbolism There are cultural associations for each colour Be aware of your audience!

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Red = passion, violence, hatred, anger, love, lust

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Green = renewal, life, nature, rot, decay, greed

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Blue = tranquility, spirituality, wisdom, sadness, coldness

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Yellow/Orange = energy, excitement, warmth

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White = cleanliness, simplicity, purity, death

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Black = depression, mystery, fear, evil


Activity Take a rainbow of images—at least 7 good photos, each focusing on a different hue. Save your files for later use. Also save your favourite 2 photos to this laptop for sharing.

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