Top 7 Beaches to Make Your Tour Luxurious in India


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Here is the list of top 7 beaches for luxury tour in India- Nagoa Beach, Juhu Beach, Arjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Miramar Beach, and Samudra Beach. source:


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Top 7 Beaches to Make Your Tour Luxurious in India If you are planning a ​luxury tours in India ​ then don’t miss out on a chance to visit the most luxurious beaches of Goa Kerala Mumbai and other famous places in India. Due to its wide geological diversity India is a home to various landscapes and the sandy coastlines are one of them. Be it the brilliant or the white-sandy seashores every one of them simply allure the visitors to go through some sluggish just as exciting minutes. On the off chance that you likewise intend to have a free and luxurious excursions through Indian Beaches Tour ​ this bit article is simply made for you. 1. Luxury Nagoa Beach Tour in India Well known for its unblemished excellence and influencing palm trees Nagoa Beach in Diu is a perfect and a prescribed spot for Travelers looking for luxury tours in India. The sea shore is encompassed by wonderful palm trees influencing in the cool wind which makes a fascinating situation for travelers to relax around.

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The sea shore is situated in the Nagoa villa of Bucharwada town and fills in as a fascination for its Hoka trees which creates a special sort of natural product. It is especially known for its water sports alongside camel and horse riding. Sunbathing can end up being the most inebriating knowledge at the Nagoa Beach. Shops and cafés go about as refreshments which are one of its sorts. The sea shore stretches out over a region of 2 km from one end to the next. A stroll along the shore blended with seeing the dawn and dusk is an incredible method to loosen up ones mind. Activities at Nagoa Beach Activities Price per Person in INR Speed Boat 250 Scuba Diving 1500 Jet Ski 1500 Banana Boat 300 Water Roller 500 Paramotor Flying 2500 Wind Surfer 1000 Hot Air Balloon 1000 Couple Ring 300 Dolphin Trip 2500 Family Report 200

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Parasailing 1200 Desert Bike 250 2. Luxury Juhu Beach Tour in India Juhu Beach is one of the most popular beach and favorite spots for luxury tours in India located in Mumbai. On chowpatty one can enhance their taste buds with popular chopati street food. On the surroundings of beach one can get access to Bollywood celebrities jogging and most popular Amitabh Bachan’s home. TV shoots are frequently held here and various toy-dealers cooked corn merchants and acrobats draw the attention. While here you may likewise visit the ISKCON Temple which is few meters from the sea shore or watch a theater execution at the renowned Prithvi Cafe. Simply going for stroll over the sea shore sand can bring a limitless feeling

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of quiet. In spite of the fact that the sea shore was condemned for being unclean endeavors by BMC have altogether improved the landscape in the previous couple of years. 3. Luxury Arjuna Beach Tour in India Rough shores shaking music and a free and upbeat vibe - That is Anjuna Beach for you to explore luxury tours in India. Situated close to Panjim 21 km away it is among the most prevalent sea shores in North Goa. A radical heaven of sorts it is described by its rough outcrops. Come and shake the night route at Curlies or move to some techno at Cafe Lilliput During the day you can test some flavorful culinary goodness at Burger Factory Baba Au Rhum or Basilico. Known as the gem of Ozran it immediately turned into a most loved frequent for the nonconformists in the swingin 60s and still holds a similar vibe right up till today. At Arjuna Beach you will be thrilled and rocked by its luxurious hospitality. 4. Luxury Baga Beach Tour in India

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One of the most prevalent sea shores in North Goa Baga Beach is found near Calangute sea shore around 30 Km North of Panaji. It is so named after the Baga river which streams into the Arabian Sea. Baga is the ideal place for you on the off chance that you wish to observe the amazing nightlife of Goa as signature places for example Brittos Titos and Mambos have positively influenced their hearts of gathering goers and hence make it favorite spot people looking for luxury tours in India. The shacks spring up in the late night with some siphoning music and heavenly nourishment. It is acclaimed for its originator stores just as its road side markets where you can shop till your feet hurt and your wallet protests Being one of the most visited sea shores in the North Baga likewise has an immense scope of water sports that you can take a stab at. Snatch an extravagant breakfast at Infantaria - an exceptionally prescribed diner unwind by the sea shore throughout the day and at night let the hard core partier in you wake up - its everything conceivable at Baga Beach. Baga Beach is viewed as the augmentation of Calangute Beach itself since both of these lies on a similar stretch of the shore.

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5. Luxury Calangute Beach Tour in India Located 15 km away from the Panjim Calangute Beach is the longest sea shore in North Goa extending from Candolim to Baga. Because of large size and amazing location it is a center point for visitors and explorers looking for luxury tours in India throughout the world. As the sound of the waves converges with rhythms of music from seashore shacks Calangute Beach wakes up in the entirety of its excellence. It is the ideal spot to search for convenience as it keeps you well-associated with different sea shores in the north for example Baga Anjuna Candolim Aguada and some more. Besides there are various choices to browse contingent upon your financial limit. You can likewise test the lavish culinary charge here at Souza Lobos Oriental Electric Cats or the Tibetan kitchen all of which can offer a novel taste palette. Leave on various water sports at the sea shore or stroll into a bistro and read there is no deficiency of alternatives with regards to Calangute Beach. 6. Luxury Miramar Beach Tour in India

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Initially called Porta de Gaspar Dias by the Portuguese the sea shore is one of the main two sea shores in Panjim. The sea shore is loaded with neighborhood restaurants and fixed with a lot of gift shops. Also it allows lots of activities and water sports. 7. ​ ​Samudra Beach Kovalam

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A huge projection isolates this Northern sea shore from the southern side. Samudra Beach is the place you can appreciate seeing shoreline angling and watch nearby anglers carry out their specialty. There is additionally a mosque on this sea shore. I hope you have loved reading the above article and short down some beaches for your next visit .

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