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Catholic Faith Handbook for You


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Faith in God Our Father :

Faith in God Our Father Catechism of the Catholic Church Part One: The Profession of Faith Section 2: The Profession of the Christian Faith Chapter 1: I Believe in God the Father The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Chapters 3 & 4 Created by Mr. James Woodmansee for use at Good Shepherd Catholic School.

Faith = (Trust + Love) Man’s action toward God:

Faith = (Trust + Love) Man’s action toward God The supernatural gift from God which enables us to believe without doubting what God has reveled

Faith: Our Response:

Faith: Our Response Why is faith important? Mark 16:16 Hebrews 11:6 Faith is not just an emotion it is an Response Faith is infused into one’s soul, by the sanctifying grace from God

Our Belief:

Our Belief Entire – embrace all mysteries and truths Firm – belief, practice, and attitude Steadfast – conviction despite hardships Living – active basis of our lives Supernatural – God is the source and the goal, the beginning of eternal life

Church’s Belief:

Church’s Belief The Catholic community is responsible to communicate the faith Faith and religion are united Faith in God means believing in tradition and scripture as communicated by the Holy Spirit through the Church The sacraments, practices, and community of the Church help guide people to God

Statements of Faith:

Statements of Faith Creeds Apostles Creed (c. 200) Nicene Creed (325) Nicene-Constantinople Creed (381) – Used Today in both the East and West

“I Believe in God the Father Almighty”:

“I Believe in God the Father Almighty” Who is God? God is the supreme Being who exists in all things and in all places; He exists without having been created but He created all things and sustains all things through his love

Proofs of God’s Existence:

Proofs of God’s Existence Aristotle’s theory of the first mover Watchmaker Intelligent Design

What came first…:

What came first…

I Am Who Am:

I Am Who Am Exodus 3:13-14 I Am – God, the person, being Who Am – His existence, that is, He Is – was not created, always eternal He Who Is – God’s existence and substance are one with no beginning

God is…(make two lists and match):

God is…(make two lists and match) Passages Deut. 6:4 & 32:39 Matthew 6:26-32 Hebrews 4:13 John 8:58 1 John 4:16, Isaiah 49:15 Psalms 11:7 Malachi 3:6 Just Loving and Forgiving One, Alone, No Other God All Knowing Caring of all things Unchanging Eternal

Maker of that is seen and unseen :

Maker of that is seen and unseen Angels are spiritual beings Intelligent and have Freewill Immortal They see God face to face and know his glory They worship and carry messages for God

Fall of the Angels:

Fall of the Angels Through personal, intelligent, free choice Lucifer and 1/3 of the Angels revolted against God and His creation St. Michael and his angelic army fought Lucifer/Satan with his followers were transformed into evil because of their free choice Their rejection of God created Hell

Original Sin:

Original Sin God desires our love He wanted humans to freely choose to love him Original sin was the sin of disobedience committed by Adam and Eve – a free choice to go against God

God Wants - ACTS:

God Wants - ACTS A doration - our praise C ontrition - our sorrow for the sins we freely commit T hanksgiving - our gratitude for God’s blessings S upplication - our dependence on Him


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