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Keil Software ...:

Keil Software ... Embedded Development Tools For ... Consumer Electronics Industrial Control Networking and Office Automation Automotive and Space Exploration Keil Elektronik GmbH (Germany) Distributor Network 8051 Microcontrollers MCS ® 251 Microcontrollers 166 and ST10 Microcontrollers Chip Support For ... Keil Software, Inc. (USA) 30 Countries World-Wide Munich Germany Dallas, TX USA Representatives In ...

µVision2 IDE:

µVision2 IDE Simplifies Project Development Features ... Create Applications in C and Assembly Optimized Library and Real-Time Kernel Centralized Interface for Development Tools Device Database C166 Compiler Options µVision2 Main Screen

µVision2 Projects:

µVision2 Projects Targets Multiple Targets in Each Project Groups Composed of One or More Source Files Help Subdivide and Structure a Project Options for Development Tools Configure At Each Level (Target, Group, & Source File) Flexible Project Organization On-line Documentation Development Tools Manuals Datasheets and Device Manuals  Group  Target  Source File  Books Tab Create Targets for Simulation, Emulation, & Production

ANSI C Compilers:

8051 Microcontroller Family (Intel, Dallas Semiconductor, Philips, Atmel, …) MCS ® 251 Microcontroller Family (Intel, Temic) C166/ST10 Microcontroller Family (Infineon, ST Microelectronics) Support Extensions For ... Full Control Of Your Embedded Platform ... Register Banks ( void function (void) using my_register_bank ) Memory Areas ( unsigned char xdata myvar ) Bit Variables ( bit test_flag; ) Special Function Registers ( sbit P0_1 = P0 ^ 1; ) Assembly Code is Not Required Write Interrupt Routines in C ( void isr (void) interrupt 3 using isr_rb ) Optimizer ... Tuned For Each Architecture High Level Of Code Density Fast Execution Speed ANSI C Compilers

Compiler Optimizations:

Compiler Optimizations extern char *func2 (void); int val; char *func1 (void) { int a,b,c; char *s; b = c = 0; for (a = 0; a < 100; a++){ c += (b + 1); s = func2 (); b = strlen (s); } val = c; return (s); } char *func0 (void) { int j; char *x; x = (void *) 0; for (j = P1; j < 100; j++) { x = func1 (); } return (x); } extern strup (char *); char buf[20]; char *func2 (void) { int i = 0; while (1) { buf[i] = P1; if (!buf[i]) { strup (buf); return (buf); } i++; } } /* Convert to Upper */ void strup (char *s) { while (*s) { *s = toupper (*s); s++; } } TEST1.C TEST2.C TEST3.C Global Register Optimization Analyzes Register Usage Optimizes Registers Program-Wide Smaller, Faster Programs Iterative Compilation Steps In This Example ... TEST1 Calls TEST2 And TEST3 Keil C Compilers ... Professional High-Quality Code High-Performance Optimizations 90 Bytes Before Optimization 64 Bytes After Optimization 28% Savings In Code Space

µVision2 Debugging:

µVision2 Debugging Bookmark  No Program Code  Enabled Breakpoint  Program Code (Executed)  Program Counter (Next Statement)  Disabled Breakpoint  Selected Line from Output Window  Program Code (Not Yet Executed)  Code Attribute  Source Text  Source/Debug Window

µVision2 Simulation:

µVision2 Simulation On-chip Peripheral Dialogs MACRO Language Allows High-Fidelity Simulations /* Toggle Port P2.0 and Set P2.8 */ FUNC void SetP28_ToggleP20 (void) { PORT2 ^= 0x0001; /* invert P2.0 */ PORT2 |= 0x0100; /* set P2.8 */ } /* Simulate analog input ramp on AIN0 */ SIGNAL void analog0 (float limit) { float volts; printf (“ANALOG0 (%f) ENTERED\n”, limit); volts = 0; while (volts < limit) { volts += 0.1; AIN0 = volts; twatch (1000); } }

µVision2 IDE for C51 & C166:

µVision2 IDE for C51 & C166 Third-Party Support Case Tools (DAvE, Easy-Case, VCS) Libraries (USB, CAN, TCP/IP) Emulators (Nohau, Hitex, Signum, Metalink) Device Programmers Real-Time Operating Systems (ESP, CMX, RTX) Technical Support One Year Free (Priority Support via Telephone) In-House And On-Site Training Programs Internet Support Support Solutions Database Application Notes FREE Product Updates

µVision2 Tour:

µVision2 Tour To Get More Information ... Browse the Tutorials on this CD Visit our Web Site www.keil.c m

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