Parallel Parking Made Easy

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Parallel Parking Made Easy:

Keys to Easy Parallel Parking Parallel Parking Made Easy

Step 1: Set-Up:

Step 1: Set-Up Find two cars with one space between them large enough to park your car in. 2. Drive up to the front car of the two and stop.

Step 2: Communicating With Others:

Step 2: Communicating With Others In order for this to be a safe experience, you must warn other motorists of your intention. ALWAYS put the car in reverse gear BEFORE you put your turn signal on. Otherwise those motorists behind you may think that you are turning forward and could hit you from behind. In addition, if the other party ever took you to court, you would not win because you did not properly notify others of your intentions.

Step 3: Signal and Back the Car:

Step 3: Signal and Back the Car Once the car is in reverse, put the turn signal on in the direction you plan to park the car. Then, reverse the car, stopping halfway into the front car. This is generally your right marker light even with the crack of the driver’s side door. Always fully stop the car when you have reached this point.

Step 4: 45 Degree Angle:

Step 4: 45 Degree Angle Once you lined up the right marker light with the driver’s side front door crack, stop the car. Then turn the wheel completely in the direction you are parking the car. You will back up now until you come to a 45 degree angle. Then, once again, stop the car.

Step 5: Enter the Parking Space:

Step 5: Enter the Parking Space Now it’s time to enter the space. Slowly enter the space from your 45 degree angle.

Step 6: Straighten Out the Steering Wheel:

Step 6: Straighten Out the Steering Wheel Now, once in the space, straighten out the steering wheel. You can do this by two revolutions of the steering wheel, in the opposite direction you turned the wheel to enter the space.

Step 7: Center the Vehicle:

Step 7: Center the Vehicle Once you have straightened out the wheel, it is time to center the vehicle in the space. Remember that it is very important that you have the same amount of space from the bumpers up front as you do for the bumpers in back. Perfectly centered parallel-parked vehicles help other motorists to see when they leave the parking space, and help to prevent others from hitting your bumpers going forward or backward when they leave the space.

Step 8: Completion:

Step 8: Completion Congratulations! You have just parallel parked the vehicle. Remember that when it is time to leave the space, always signal in the direction you are turning the wheel, check the driver’s side mirror, and do a shoulder check before entering traffic. Lastly, always enter the first lane when re-entering traffic from the curb.

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