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Case Of The Missing Goldfish : 

Case Of The Missing Goldfish By: Alejandro 6B-2

The Facts : 

First we woke up and took a 30 minute bath. Then we went to the mall and saw Inception. Then we went to Carrion the goldfish went to the dressing room and he never came back. The Facts

The Description : 

The Description How my Goldfish looks like? What was my Goldfish was wearing? He is little and gold his eyes were little and black. He was wearing a hat and sunglasses his shirt was Polo that that said I hate school in capital letters he was wearing jeans and had a mini laptop and was hearing music from his I pod touch with him his shoes were Converse and he had a tattoo of a monkey and he had a ring.

What happened? : 

What happened? Then I figured out he was in the bathroom with like 7 other goldfish playing in the laptop playing poker in I grounded him because went to the bathroom without telling me.

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