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[High Tea with a Homie]:

[ High Tea with a Homie ] Ricardo Fajardo

{History of High Tea}:

{ History of High Tea } High Tea - “in Britain it was originally the tea of working-class men and women ( Lisa Boalt Richardson) ”


[ Today ] “a dining experience that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed: afternoon tea ( NY Times )”

[Reasons for change]:

[ Reasons for change ] Society is much more fast paced.

Slide 5:

Gender Ideology American Drea m

[Why I did not participate before]:

[ Why I did not participate before ] Constraints: believed there wasn’t enough hearty food (I like stereotypically manly meals like large steaks) Seemed boring When I drove by, there tons of flowers and pretty things. These feminine feelings challenged my manhood.

[Personal Challenges]:

[ Personal Challenges ] Knew I would be the only man there. Sure enough, I drew a lot of attention just for being male: both confusion and interest. Worried that someone might recognize me and others would think of me as less manly just for being there.



Slide 11:

Peaceful/tranquil atmosphere Great conversations Delicious meal, tea, and dessert Tasting multiple things/one meal Dozens of choices for tea (Chocolate tea!) Greater appreciation

Slide 12:

{Yes, I would definitely participate again}

[Thank You]:

[Thank You]

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