The Fear Place Vocabulary

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The Fear Place : 

The Fear Place Vocabulary HM 5.2.3

cautious : 

cautious -adjective- careful

concentrate : 

concentrate -verb- to give your full attention focus think ponder

discomfort : 

discomfort -noun- a feeling of unease, anxiety, or pain worry

dismayed : 

dismayed -adjective- troubled or distressed upset sad disappointed anxious

excitement : 

excitement -noun- a state of activity or agitation thrill anticipation enthusiasm restlessness

immobile : 

immobile -adjective- not moving; stationary still motionless fixed

stamina : 

stamina -noun- does not tire easily strength determination energy fortitude

terrified : 

terrified -adjective/verb- extremely frightened shocked horrified petrified alarmed

unsure : 

unsure -adjective- not sure uncertain hesitant unconvinced

pitch : 

pitch -noun- a steep slope

futile : 

futile -adjective- hopeless useless wasted unsuccessful

scrabble : 

scrabble -verb- struggling or clawing movement scratch dig scrape clutch fumble

gully : 

gully -noun- a deep ditch cut by running water ravine gorge gulch

plow : 

plow -verb- to push against something, work hard struggle

ascend : 

ascend -verb- to go upwards rise soar climb

reassure : 

reassure -verb- to give comfort support encourage cheer up

enclose : 

enclose -verb- close around surround encircle enfold

grudge : 

grudge -noun- a feeling of anger or resentment bitterness complaint

monstrous : 

monstrous -adjective- very large very ugly huge grotesque enormous horrible gigantic gruesome

recede : 

recede -verb- to move away or get smaller retreat withdraw lesson fade

redirect : 

redirect -verb- to change directions

engulf : 

engulf -verb- to swallow or absorb overwhelm surround

erode : 

erode -verb- wear away grind down corrode wear down

boundary : 

boundary -noun- the edge or limit of something edge limit margin border

upright : 

upright -adjective- standing up erect vertical

momentum : 

momentum -noun- force or speed of a moving object drive thrust energy force

refugee : 

refugee -noun- people who leave a country in search of protection or shelter

reposition : 

reposition -verb- change the location or position move relocate