High-Quality Baby Swaddle Blankets in Canada

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Mrsjini Baby & kids have a collection of the patchwork quilt swaddle baby blanket. We use most loved fabrics that are carefully selected, hand stitched together, natural gauze cotton linings and lightly stuffed with a mix of natural cotton and polyester. To buy these organic baby blankets, Visit today: https://www.mrsjini.ca/products/patchwork-swaddle-quilt Call at: 1 778 999 3624


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https://www.mrsjini.ca/ Organic Cotton Baby Quilts and Blankets Handmade in Canada

Patchwork Quilt Bedding:

Patchwork Quilt Bedding Mrsjini uses only the finest quality and most popular fabrics to create this classic patchwork quilt bedding. 

Baby Swaddle Blankets:

Baby Swaddle Blankets Baby swaddle blankets unique corner pocket design allows you to wrap your little one up from head to toe, you can call it mini baby bed everywhere! 

Cotton Baby Blankets:

Cotton Baby Blankets Our organic cotton baby blankets is grown organically without the use of fertilizers or pesticides and  Creates a pure and healthy environment for your little one!

Baby Support Pillow:

Baby Support Pillow Mrsjini’s baby support pillow is easy to wash and mainly designed for babies. Simple elegant striped pattern for additional luxury and softness gives your baby a premium sleep.


Address: Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC, Canada info@mrsjini.ca 1 778 999 3624 https://www.mrsjini.ca/

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