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A Mid-term Presentation by Marcia Figueroa Literacy & Technology at Mount Saint Mary College An On-Line Course with Dr. Ludmila Smirnova

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What can I say about ED 5670? This course is an intensive sojourn into the darkest recesses of your computer. You will discover that you & your computer can do more than you ever knew and you have under-estimated both.

What did I learn so far? : 

What did I learn so far? There is so much to say but simply not enough room here. Click on me to hear my response!

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How do I feel about the course? This is something that needs a visual. Click on the crazy lady above me to see a web cam video.

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What is good about the course…. You don’t have to drive all the way to MSMC or get dressed for class Your kids can help you with YOUR homework You will learn about using technology in education, something not many people can do so you will be needed!

Here’s more good stuff : 

Here’s more good stuff All of the readings are on-line; no book purchase is necessary Some assignments are listed as High Achiever Challenges and give you the OPTION of completing them. This alleviates some of the stress.

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What would I change about the course? What would I do if I were the Queen Bee of the world…

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See you tomorrow! The End But I thought this was a Midterm!

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