Olympic Torch Relay Red Deer

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WITH GLOWING HEARTS an invitation to be a part of the journey

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…after 22 years, the Olympic Flame returns to Red Deer …history repeats itself

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Vancouver Olympic Committee 2010 (VANOC) asked The City of Red Deer to host one of nearly 200 Torch Relay community celebrations. On Day 78 of a 106 day journey across Canada, the Torch will arrive in Red Deer We have about 40 volunteers planning an event to celebrate: the Torch / Olympics / Olympians our vibrant culture our community spirit and pride It’s an opportunity to showcase our community on the national stage be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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Mark your calendars… January 15, 2010 For a four hour event (the Relay and community celebration) Everyone is invited It’s FREE be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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The torch route in Red Deer (6.5 kilometres) In Compliance with VANOC: specifics of the route cannot be disclosed until closer to event date Our Vision: the route lined with people – cheering on our torchbearers students involved in various capacities our citizens – young & old – will be involved / attend be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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Day 78 - From Camrose to Red Deer

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The community celebration: We envision an eclectic winter village atmosphere at the Westerner grounds with in excess of 10,000 people in attendance We plan to make the event as green as possible ‘car pool’ admittance – more than 3 passengers / vehicle ‘park-n-ride’ minimal waste generated be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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Event sponsors: RBC and Coca Cola – national sponsors Their local affiliates are on board: Doug McLean, Regional Vice President, RBC Red Deer Chris Kisinger, Red Deer Bottling be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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Community stakeholders onboard include: The City of Red Deer Westerner Park Red Deer College Red Deer Public and Catholic School Boards (all Grade 8 students in Red Deer Public have submitted their names to be a torchbearer) We continue to seek others! So far… be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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To make this a memorable and historic event, we need YOU We need volunteers: about 500 in total - from security to route management & event helpers We need school administration support to: get students excited; involve them in activities create healthy school-to-school competitions / activities promote throughout countdown to help keep momentum be a part of ‘keeping it green’

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School kits available including activities with the olympic mascots visit: www.vancouver2010.com/edu

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Inspire your students Inspire your teaching Inspire yourself …bring the Olympic torch relay to life in your classroom

“We have a vision of creating an eclectic winter village atmosphere. It’s a free event and everyone is invited.” – Lyn Radford, Olympic Torch Relay Red Deer Task Force Chair

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