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This presentation is a lesson for HS students about how to use Everything from the ppt. transferred except the tutorial video found half way through the presentations.


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"Great, but I love authorSTREAM because it seems to be natural extension of PowerPoint on web. authorSTREAM don't kill YouTube video, narration, music, animations used in slides. "

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Introduction to SlideShare : 

Introduction to SlideShare Unit Project for Mr. Plough’s Web 2.0 course

Lesson Objectives : 

Lesson Objectives At the completion of this project, the student will be able to: Create a presentation using Comment on classmates’ presentations using the comment feature on

Lesson Introduction : 

Lesson Introduction is the "world's largest community for sharing presentations on the web." That’s what it says on their website and I believe it. Its also one of the coolest communities for seeing creativity. This exciting Web 2.0 application allows you to explore the ideas of others, complete research for your projects and showcase your own presentation style.

Assignment: Description : 

Assignment: Description Your assignment is to create a slidecast which is a slideshow with audio. Click the link above to see a short video about it. You will need to create a PowerPoint on your computer, upload the PowerPoint to Slideshare, and then add the audio.

Assignment: Step 1 : 

Assignment: Step 1 Most of the work for this project will come in the PowerPoint you are completing for Step 1, check out the next couple slides to see the requirements. Note: if you do not have PowerPoint, Slideshare also accepts: pps, pdf, pot, pptx, ppsx, potx) OpenOffice (odp) and Keynote

Step 1.1 : 

Step 1.1 Question: What should my presentation be about? Answer: Anything you like. Our goal is for you to learn about Slideshare, so for this presentation pick whatever you like talking about the most and go with that.

Step 1.2 : 

Step 1.2 Time to pick your topic…………. got it? If not, see below for some hints: It could be about: life, love, politics, cars, family, friends, skating, pets, movies, hobbies, fashion or fun. It could be about anything, just keep it clean ?

Step 1.3: Requirements : 

Step 1.3: Requirements Your presentation should have: 7-10 slides Each slide: Has graphics (Use Flickr Creative Commons) Covers one main concept Has text. You can have bullet points, but it has to flow like a conversation so someone can read it and know what you are talking about. Avoid long paragraphs. Has font that is size 28 or higher

Rubric for Your Presentation : 

Rubric for Your Presentation

Step 1.4: Build Your PowerPoint : 

Step 1.4: Build Your PowerPoint At this point, you should build your presentation before moving on. Refer back to the requirements as often as needed When completed, free of errors, proofread, and ready for upload to the Internet then go to the next slide.

Step 2: Time for Slideshare : 

Step 2: Time for Slideshare Up to this point you have just been working on a PowerPoint, now its time to introduce you to Slideshare. Please go to Search the site for some presentations on a topic you enjoy Just leave it open in a separate window for now and go to the next slide

Step 3: Watch a Video on Slideshare : 

Step 3: Watch a Video on Slideshare Watch the video (located on the next slide) on how to upload your Powerpoint, add a description, add tags, and get started on your Slidecast. Its probably in your best interest to follow the steps in the video and upload your PowerPoint presentation while you watch.

Step 3.1 : 

Step 3.1 Watch the video and follow along using your own presentation

Step 4: Making it a Slidecast : 

Step 4: Making it a Slidecast Now that you have your PowerPoint completed and uploaded to Slideshare you have what's called a Slideshare presentation. Its viewable by anyone on the site. The next step is to add your audio to the presentation and then it will become a slidecast. To do that: Go to the presentation, select EDIT > Create Slidecast

Step 4.1 – Using a Song Already Online : 

Step 4.1 – Using a Song Already Online You will need to choose an mp3 from a site on the Internet. Pay attention to license issues. If you bought the song already then you can use it for this presentation. Its better to use Creative Commons music if you don’t have any legal songs online that already have URL’s Try: OR……….

Step 4.2 – Using a Song Already Saved to Your Computer : 

Step 4.2 – Using a Song Already Saved to Your Computer If you have a song on your computer (legally purchased) that you want to upload for this presentation, you will need to create an account at Upload the song and you will get the necessary URL.

Step 5: Editing : 

Step 5: Editing Edit the song to fit your slideshow. I recommend you give the reader enough time to read the content on each slide and choose music that won’t distract the reader. Click the link below and skip to Slide 11 to learn more about editing.

Step 6: Submit Your Assignment : 

Step 6: Submit Your Assignment You are almost done. Copy the published URL for your slideshow and send it to me in an email In addition, post the URL to the appropriate discussion forum in our LMS

Step 7: Commenting : 

Step 7: Commenting Comment on 2 other student presentations. Please do not comment about their presentation in the forum, instead, click on their provided link and comment while in Slideshare. Offer an explanation for your opinions. For example, “Great job, I really like the way you _____” See the next slide for Netiquette Rules on Commenting….

Netiquette for Comments : 

Netiquette for Comments Be kind and positive but offer suggestions Don’t use CAPS TO WRITE COMMENTS Check Spelling, Capitalization, Grammar Use Emoticons to show emotions Not too short, not too long Consider this a classroom, use clean language Remember the Human Being

Reflection : 

Reflection Please write a 2 paragraph reflection on your experiences with this project and submit through email. How did you like the Slideshare site? Did you find it difficult to create a Slidecast? Explain Was it a new experience commenting on people’s work on a Web 2.0 site? Explain What were some positives and negatives about this project? What did you learn as a result of completing this project?

All Done : 

All Done

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