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Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Green

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Change Your Bulbs ◦ Lighting makes up 15 of your electricity bill and changing your old bulbs for Energy Star rated bulbs will save you bundles. ◦ Consider either LED or Compact Fluorescent Lamp CFL bulbs. ◦ The latter contain trace amounts of mercury that are not hazardous to you but can cause problems for landfills. Install motion detectors too so that the lights will automatically turn off when not in use.

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Insulate and Celebrate ● Insulation reduces heat and energy loss and should be used liberally. ● Insulate your pipes with pipe sleeves your water heater with a pre-cut blanket or jacket your windows and doors and your roof and walls. Programmable Thermostat ● Instead of leaving your heater or AC running all day install a programmable thermostat. ● You can set an ideal temperature of 70 degrees and hours when you will be home awake. ● It will only work during those times and you can override the settings if necessary.

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Ceiling Fans ◦ Ceiling fans cost less to run than HVAC systems and use less energy. ◦ In the summer blades should run counter-clockwise for cooling and clockwise in the winter to push warm air down. For more information: http://consuegratitle.com/

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