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Advocacy : 

Advocacy A Service Provider’s Role Theresa Bennett-Pender

Definition : 

Definition According to the American College Dictionary, advocacy is defined as: To plead in favor of; support or urge by argument One who defends, vindicates or espouses a cause by argument; an upholder, a defender One who pleads for or in behalf of another

How do you support a family of a child with disabilities? : 

How do you support a family of a child with disabilities? Understand and respect their values Listen to them Identify resources to support them Respect the family unit

Goals of Family Support : 

Goals of Family Support To keep families together until the person with a disability chooses to live independently; To enhance a family’s ability to meet the many needs of their family member with a disability; To improve the quality of supports to families while minimizing the need and the cost of out-of home placement.

More goals….. : 

More goals….. To allow the family to participate in integrated leisure, recreational, and social activities; and To make a positive difference in the life of a person with a disability as well as the lives of all family members.

Quality family support programs should: : 

Quality family support programs should: Focus on the entire family; Change as the family’s needs, roles, and ages change; Encourage families to express their own needs and decide how their needs will be met; Treat people with disabilities and their families with dignity by respecting their individual choices and preferences;

Quality family support programs should…. : 

Quality family support programs should…. Respect cultural, economic, social, and spiritual differences; Encourage families to use the natural community resources; and Provide supports and services that are easy to find easy to use.

Mississippi Legislation : 

Mississippi Legislation House of Representatives Senate Each County represented Legislative Session

WHO and HOW : 

WHO and HOW Whom do I contact? Legislators – Elected House of Representatives Senate Committees How should I make contact? Telephone E-mail In Person Mail

Believing and Being Truthful : 

Believing and Being Truthful Get involved Lobby Understand the process Relate the bill to personal experiences Explain why you support the bill Be prepared – their time is limited

You can make a difference… : 

You can make a difference… Get Involved Know the Rules Be Polite – Doors can be closed to you just as easily as they can be opened Make Personal Visits Be Considerate – You are competing for their time

Family Support Services : 

Family Support Services “For family supports to become the rule rather than the exception, the real requirement is not primarily an issue of funding, but of commitment” Consumer

Mississippi Resources : 

Mississippi Resources The Arc – 1-800-717-1180 Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities – 1-800-748-9420 Parent Partners 1-800-366-5707 Cerebral Palsy Foundation 1-888-852-1961 Department of Mental Health 601-359-1288 Department of Health 800-451-3903 Department of Education 601-359-3498

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