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Camp Oty’ Okwa :

Camp Oty’ Okwa

Salt Creek Goes to Camp:

Outdoor Education at its Best! Salt Creek Goes to Camp On Thursday, October 31, 2013 the sixth grade students at Salt Creek Intermediate School went to Camp Oty Okwa in the Hocking Hills.

Learning at Camp:

Students spent the day learning life skills like cooperation, teamwork, kindness, and responsibility. Students were grouped in teams of 10 - 12 and went through a series of initiative activities. This was a great opportunity for students to learn about working together while having a great time together. Learning at Camp

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Split Rock

The Bus Ride:

The Bus Ride

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Lunch time

Activities And Games :

Activities And Games

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Hula Hoop!!!

Through The Web!!!:

Through The Web!!!

Being proud is a good thing:

Being proud is a good thing



~Get Up And Dance~:

~Get Up And Dance~

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Get your groove on!

Teachers caught on camera :

Teachers caught on camera

The wonderful Mrs.Hardin! :

The wonderful Mrs.Hardin!


The OUTSTANDING Mrs.D She’s got her eye on something!

The lovely Mrs.Webb:

The lovely Mrs.Webb

~The STYLISH Mrs.Hoyt~:

~ The STYLISH Mrs.Hoyt ~

The intelligent Mr.Weller :

The intelligent Mr.Weller

Having Fun At Camp Oty’ Okwa! :

Having Fun At Camp Oty’ Okwa!

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We can’t wait Until Spring!!!

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A Special Thanks to . . . Kaylee Collier, Gavin Ewing, Sydney Whittington, and Brendan Kleman for their hard work creating this slide show. Ms. Huysman for making it possible for the sixth grade to go to camp.

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