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Tutorial Presented by Mohammed Afzal Monikka ,R Moorka Ravindra Reddy Mrinalini Vishnupriya ,V SASTRA UNIVERSITY TANJORE

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives What is Rain water harvesting? Why Rain water harvesting? Rain water Harvesting in Rural Areas Urban Areas Advantages

What is Rain water harvesting:

What is Rain water harvesting Storing of rainwater for reuse . Water is generally stored in a rainwater tank or directed to recharge groundwater . Provides a much cleaner source of water that can be also used for drinking .

Why Rain water harvesting?:

Why Rain water harvesting? Clean drinking water is not always available. Rainwater is a free source and relatively clean .

PowerPoint Presentation:

With proper treatment it can be even used as a potable water source. High-quality drinking water sources . Reduces soil erosions, replenishes groundwater levels.

Rural Areas:

Rural Areas Check dams, johads, and other structures to harvest every drop of rain. Roof top runoffs can be harvested. Withstand the effects of recurring drought.

Urban Areas:

Urban Areas Can be installed in both new and existing buildings. Avoids acute water scarcity. During monsoons ,wastage of water can be avoided. Method for restoring the disappeared water bodies like lakes and ponds.


Advantages Rainwater is a relatively clean and free source of water. socially acceptable and environmentally responsible . uses simple, flexible technologies that are easy to maintain . Friendly to landscape plants and gardens

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