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Technology Through My Life Created by Sam

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About Me I know a lot about technology.

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Definitions Technology System Communication Technology Blog

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Technology Technology is the practical use of human knowledge to satisfy human needs and wants.

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System A system is an organized way of achieving a goal

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Communication Technology Communication Technology is the process used to exchange information

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A Blog is a website that consists of regular posts that readers can respond to through comments.

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The blog is really great. You can reply and post. I have already posted.

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BREAKING NEWS! Haiti Haiti has just been struck by a 7.0 earthquake on the rector scale and have had a couple of aftershocks. Haitians have now been forced to evacuate homes and to steel. Israel has assisted the U.S. in helping the Haitians.

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Sam F period 3 Says: January 19th, 2010 at 12:51 pm I do not have any specific dream. Every night it is something different but similar to what I have been doing or thinking that day. Sometimes I have more than one. I rarely have a dream that has nothing to do with anything I have done. Usually I am in a crisis situation and get out of it through luck, skill, and knowledge. My dream is to have enough protection. Any kind of protection, as long as it is effective and I am the only one who can get through it unless I willfully let someone get through. That is the only dream I can really say is the subject of every dream I have.

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IMovie Project The thing that went well was the beginning of the project. First we decided to do a simple start and introduce everyone in the group. We then shot more video clips till we got what we liked. We then told that we were in technology. After a while we thought what we would do next. Now we have decided just to end it but tell that the movie was our first. That is all we have done so far. There were so many things that were fun so far, it is hard to choose. My personal favorite was shooting the video clips themselves. It was fun to tell the world where we were and what we were doing pacifically. We took a lot of technology from a box near a table and said we were in technology. We did not however, tell them what school we go to. It was still fun. We didn’t really choose jobs for each person. One left to a different group so that changed the whole situation. We really just did different things as we went. We also tried different angles, light, and position of the camera we were taking shots of each other. Once, the camera was so low on battery we had to multi-task more than once. It really was hectic. As I have said before, we faced a few problems. On our second day of shooting the movie the battery of the camera was so low it kept shutting off on us. We had to try taking quick shots which did not work at all. We tried to charge the camera which took long to find the right plug and everything. We finally got a shot or two taken though. We haven’t gotten as far as we wanted to but we have gotten pretty far. We have taken many shots and deleted some. Sometimes one of our members (I will not name this person) kept playing with the audio effects. They are still stuck in many of our heads in the class. We have also imported it into imovie as well. We are still not done so we can not post it. That is pretty much all that we have done. Most computers have games, cameras on the monitors, and other cool stuff. We have had to switch computers once or twice. We still do not have many features on the computer but we at least have a computer with its own camera. To bad it can’t take pictures any more. Probably because it has too many photos already. The only thing I would like to do next is to end the video project and play on a laptop or games on the computer itself. This will probably not happen though since Mr. Goldstein will read this and will make a mental note to say no. This is still what I think. If you are reading this, please do not erase anything in this paragraph unless it has grammar mistakes.

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Tower Design Challenge We also had to do a tower design project. The challenge was to see who could build the tallest tower that is stable with only one sheet of 8x11 ½ sheet of paper and 12in. of tape. The record is 6 feet tall. We only got half way there. Hyperlink to Video

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Platform Design Challenge We also had to do a platform challenge. The idea was to build a stage that can hold 25 pounds or more at least one inch off the ground. We reached one hundred and sixty one pounds. The record was over two hundred pounds. Hyperlink to Video WARNING video is very long!

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Thank You For Watching Technology Through My Life Peace Out

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