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My Technology Videos 2010 By: Brandon A.

Introduction Video : 

Introduction Video This is our very first video also known as the Introduction!!! We talk about our life and about our personalities in the Intro Video. Introduction Video Click Above To View

Paper Tower Video : 

Paper Tower Video This is the video of my group and I making a paper tower that can stand for at least 30 seconds, Also this took a very long time to make so enjoy. Paper Tower Video Click Above To View

Platform Video : 

Platform Video This is a video on a platform challenge. Even though our design was tiny it sure held A LOT of weight. We hope you enjoy. Platform Video Click Above To View

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Here is some extra stuff to make this PowerPoint cooler!!!!! Extra! Extra!

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We all had a dream when we were younger, but I still have faith in my dream and that dream is to be very successful in life and have no regrets. Also I would like to be a singer and/or a teacher with a beautiful wife and twins, one boy one girl. Another dream I have is to become a pediatrician for when my children are in need of medical assistant so I can figure out what is wrong with them I also like helping children in need. Overall my true dream as a child was to become president and live in the white house. I Have A Dream

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