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Tech Profolio! By: Sofia E

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About Me! Hi, my name is Sofia. I’m from Bogota, Colombia. My favorite color is purple and I love Italian food! My hobbies are watching TV and sleeping. I love language arts, mostly because I want to be a journalist when I grow up. But also because you get to express yourself.

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Definitions! Technology-the practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. System-an organized way of achieving a goal. Communications Technology- the processes used to exchange information. Blog-a website that consits of regular posts that readers can respond to through comments. Short for weblog.

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System We played the name game during the second day of technology. Some benefits were meeting new people, and learning their names. Another benefit was that we got to learn three things about them. The fact that the people sitting did not get to meet the others that were sitting, and the ones moving didn’t get to meet the other people moving needed to be improved. We fixed this by dividing the class into to separate groups; the sitting group and the moving group. From there, everyone interacted with the ones in their group.

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Haiti Sadly, there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti January 12th late afternoon. It brought even more disaster to what was already the most poorest and disaster-prone nation on this hemisphere. This earthquake was a 7.5 and the worst in that region in more than 200 years. Many were injured and died, but all the chaos made it difficult for officials to tell just how many people that was. To help these unlucky citizens you can donate money, clothes, and emergency supplies.

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Devastation in Haiti

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People have dreams. No matter what your dream is you probably want to reach it. My dream is to travel the world by the time I am 30 years-old. I would like to see different sculptures in Europe. Or try new foods in Asia. And see wild animals in Africa. In Antarctica I would like to see all the seals, penguins, and more. These are just a couple examples of the seven continents and what I would enjoy doing there. My Dream

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