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Wonders of the World Technology Portfolio By: Leah

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Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Forms of Technology About Me Hi I am Leah. I am 12 years of age. I love the arts. Art and drama to be more exact. I go to acting camp at the Delray Beach Playhouse. But those are just my hobbies. My real passion is cooking. I am a Food Network junky. I think the reason why Is because I like to create things. I also am a straight A student. For the entire time I’ve been at Omni I have only gotten A’s.

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Tech Talk Technology-the practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and satisfy human needs and wants. System-an organized way of achieving a goal Communications Technology-the processes used to exchange information Blog-a website that consists of regular posts that readers can respond to through comments

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System System In technology class we played the name game. The benefits of the exercise were that we got to learn each others name. What needed to be improved was that the people who were moving didn’t get to meet the other people who were moving and the same goes for the people who were sitting. Everybody gave suggestions on how to fix this problem. They all gave good suggestions except they made it a little redundant. We would still re-meet people. So I suggested that we split the room in half. The walkers on one side and the sitters on the other. There they would meet the people they didn’t before. Mr. Goldstein thought this was a good idea so we went with it and I got to meet everyone. TEAM WORK

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Haiti Look around to the disaster in front of you and the people affected by it.

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In Haiti there was an earthquake that killed lots of people. Just hear what people are saying about it. “Distraught, covered in dust and desperate, the people of Haiti appear barely able to comprehend the tragedy that has overtaken them.” “Death toll for Haiti earthquake feared to be over 100,000” ” A major international relief effort was launched yesterday to hurry rescuers and suppliers to the Caribbean country as the streets of Port-au-Prince were left strewn with corpses and shattered buildings.” This is a tragedy that is being attended to by people with big hearts.

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how we can help Start a donation booth. Ask for anything food, clothes, or money. Just one booth could help the lives of what’s left of Haiti’s citizens. You also could just donate to other charitable donation groups

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My dream is to become a chef and own my own restaurant with my friend. Me and my friend Zerin are not just friends we are best friends. It has always been our dream to own our own restaurant together. We even came up with the name. Because she calls me Le and I call her Z we thought that we would call it Lez bistro and art studio. We got the art studio part from the fact that we both love art and planned on showcasing our art at the restaurant. We also planned on having the type of food be from all over the world like just our favorite foods.

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