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Technology Portfolio Fall 2011 Vicente.O

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Hi my name is Vicente O and Im going to talk about myself I like to play tennis and eat sushi and walk on the park I like animals going to sleep going to the mall helping people help my mom my favorite color is red my second favorite color is blue and my last favorite color is green. Vicente O Fall 2011 Technology portfolio

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Have I ever tell you that I started playing tennis since I was five years old and now I am very good at it also that I love other sports such as soccer basketball etc and also my two favorite animals are the pinguin and the tiger.

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Technology-the practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. System-and organized way of achieving a goal. key terms

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Input-input is what is put into a system. Process-is the action part of a system. Output-is the result of a systems process. Feedback-tells whether or not the system is on track. Communication technology-the processes used to exchange information. key terms

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Enginnering-designing products or structures so that they are sound and deciding how they should be made and what materials should be used. Prototype-a working model. key terms

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The system was one person was sitting and the other was rotating around the room. The benefits were that we learn each others name. The problem of the original system was that not every one get to met each other. We modify the name game by the half that were rotating to interview each other and the half that was sitting did the same. the name game

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The challenge of the marshmallow challenge was that you needed to build a tower as long as you can with only 20 spaghetti 1 yard of string 1 yard of tape and it took my team and I 18 minutes the goal was to make a tower my idea process was to build a strong square structure and go on I came up with the ideas by talking with my team about how to do it and we started to modified it because the tower started to fall of so we modified it by breaking a little bit each string of spaghetti and taping them. the marshmallow challenge

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