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ALL ABOUT ME Hi my name is Nishat. I am in 7 th grade. My favorite color is blue. My hobby is to draw. I have one sister. My sister is in 4 th grade. I live with my mom, dad and my sister. I go to Omni Middle. I’m from Bangladesh. My favorite pet is a dog.

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KEY TERMS TECHNOLOGY- The practical use of human knowledge to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. SYSTEM- An organized way of achieving a goal.

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KEY TERMS Input is what is put into a system. Process is the action part of a system. Output is the result of a system’s processes. Feedback tells whether or not the system is on track. Communication technology is the processes used to exchange information.

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Key Terms Engineering is the designing products for students or structures so that they and sound and deciding how they should be made and what materials should be used. Prototype is a working model.

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The Name Game The system of the name game is that it lets you get to know people in your class. The benefits were that you got to know the names of the peoples. The half of the side you had to rotate. And another half you have to stay in your seat. What we have to do is we have to interview each other. Some of the problems were that the people who were sitting and not moving couldn’t meet the people who weren’t moving. And the people who were moving couldn’t meet the people who were moving. Its really fun way to know a person’s name and its easier to know about a person.

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The Three Examples Of Technology

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The Marshmallow Challenge The purpose of the marshmallow challenge is to make the tallest tower.

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