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Cyber Bullying:

Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber bullying?:

What is Cyber bullying? Cyber bullying- a means of using online resources to tease, humiliate, embarrass, harass, and intimidate people on the Internet. Cyber bullying is a serious social problem that needs to be addressed by parents. Remember just because it happens on the Internet does not diminish the destructive impact it has on children.

Consider this…:

Consider this… In a survey done by I Safe America of over 18 thousand children 35% of kids have been threatened online 42% of kids have been bullied while online 53% of kids admit to bullying others online 58% have not told their parents or an adult

Few examples of Cyber Bullying::

Few examples of Cyber Bullying: A threatening e-mail Nasty Instant Messages Repeated notes sent to the cell phone A website set up to mock others “Borrowing” someone’s screen name and pretending to be them while posting a message Forwarding supposedly private messages, pictures, or video to others.

The first known case of cyber bullying…:

The first known case of cyber bullying… The Star Wars Kid 15 year video taped himself goofing around Classmates uploaded video to the Internet without his knowledge or consent Someone added effects to mock him Now over 100 versions mocking him exist on the Internet.

Why do kids cyber bully each other?:

Why do kids cyber bully each other? Cyber bullying is often motivated by frustration, anger, revenge or entertainment . Most kids who cyber bully don’t think it is a big deal because it occurs online. Many kids mistakenly believe that because the communication is online that is harmless, funny and that they will never get caught. Plus , many students do not think about the consequences of their actions. They don’t think in terms of how their actions may affect themselves or others in the future. Picture from

Possible consequences of cyber bullying::

Possible consequences of cyber bullying: The impact on a child’s psyche can be enormous. They get the feeling that their life is ruined, that their reputation is destroyed forever and that they will have to live with the defamation for the rest of their lives.

Piper’s story:

Piper’s story

Faces of Cyber bullying: :

Faces of Cyber bullying: Ryan Halligan 13 years old. Committed suicide because of cyber bullying. Megan Meier: 14 committed suicide because of a fake myspace account that was created solely for the purpose of harassing her.

Faces of cyber bullying:

Faces of cyber bullying Jesse Logan: 18 committed suicide due to sexting Sexting video Article on possible consequences of sexting .

The Vengeful Angel Cyberbully:

The Vengeful Angel Cyberbully These kids do not see themselves as bullies. They see themselves as righting a wrong. They pick on people who have either wronged themselves or someone they know with the motive to “teach them a lesson”. (Ex. “Let’s see how you like it when you get picked on” They often act alone when they cyberbully someone .

How to deal with a vengeful cyberbully::

How to deal with a vengeful cyberbully : You have to teach them that bullying others even those who might have hurt you is just as wrong. Acknowledge their feelings of anger and give them other solutions to deal with the situation.

The power hungry or revenge of the nerds:

The power hungry or revenge of the nerds These kids -just as the name states-are power hungry. They are cyberbullying someone because they want to assert power and control over someone else with fear. Often times this type of cyberbully are the schoolyard bullies, but they can also be the victims of the schoolyard bullies. Since the victims can’t assert power and control over the school yard bullies in their physical world, they use the Internet to do it.

The power hungry or revenge of the nerds cyberbully cont.:

The power hungry or revenge of the nerds cyberbully cont. Since these kids want to feel a sense of control, it isn’t just enough for them to say mean things on the Internet. They want to get a reaction from the person they are bullying. If they don’t get the reaction, they will often elevate their attacks to be more vicious and hurtful. This type of cyberbully often boasts about his/her behaviors to others who are sympathetic to their cause(ex. Other “nerds”)

How do you deal with a power hungry cyberbully?:

How do you deal with a power hungry cyberbully ? These kids want power and control because they feel like they have none and the only way to get it is by hurting others. So, these kids need to be given other outlets. Find out what they are passionate about and give them opportunities to work with those passions(animals, cars, etc) Become more active in their lives Condemn the behavior, but not the child.

The “Mean Girls” Cyberbully:

The “Mean Girls” Cyberbully These bullies are girls and mostly target other girls online.(though they can target boys as well) These bullies often pick on others because they are bored and want entertainment. Often, these girls are insecure and immature. They want an audience and may cyberbully in groups.(ex. making a copy of an embarrassing im message and taking to school so others can laugh at the victim)

Mean girls cyberbully cont.:

Mean girls cyberbully cont. With these bullies, you have to have firm consequences for their behaviors. They have to be taught that what they are doing is not okay, not funny, and not entertaining. These types of bullies cease their behaviors when the entertainment factor diminishes or others in the group disagree with their actions.

Inadvertent Cyberbully :

Inadvertent Cyberbully These kids do not intentionally set out to be cyberbullies . They react to mean messages sent to them without thinking about it and do not intentionally lash out at others or target others online.(ex. “Right back at you, jerk.”

How to deal with an inadvertent cyberbully::

How to deal with an inadvertent cyberbully : Teach them to take five minutes away from the computer to think about their actions. Teach them how to block offensive messages Teach them that responding back gives the cyberbully the attention they want Teach them how to be advocates for themselves without lowering down to the bully’s level.

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