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135 : 

135 A bookstore is having a sale on all of their books. Each book is on sale for $2. After the first day of sales, the bookstore had sold $270 worth of books. How many books were sold?

Objective : 

Objective Generates and solves two step real-world problems using: addition subtraction multiplication division

Quick Review Adding Decimals : 

Quick Review Adding Decimals 2.11 + 10.001 + 140.2 Remember to line up the decimal points when adding or subtracting decimals! 152.311

Quick Review Subtracting Decimals : 

Quick Review Subtracting Decimals 23.008 - 1.02 Remember to line up the decimal points when adding or subtracting decimals! 21.988

Quick Review Multiplying Decimals : 

Quick Review Multiplying Decimals 3.4 x 0.12 Remember to count number of decimals used and move decimal point from right to left. 0.408

Quick Review Dividing Decimals : 

Quick Review Dividing Decimals 3.4 ÷ 2 Remember write decimal point in the quotient. 1.7

Understanding Terms : 

Understanding Terms What do the following terms imply? Sum Difference Product Quotient Equally shared by Less than For each All together

Let’s Practice! : 

Let’s Practice! Solve each question on your white board. Show your answer to Mr. Ferrell when you have the problem solved! If you finish a question before the rest of the class you will create a multi-step word problem for a student to solve later. Be sure to answer the problem yourself first!

24.3 seconds : 

On Monday, Allison ran a race in 27.5 seconds. On Tuesday, it took her 3.2 seconds less time to run the race. What was her time on Tuesday? 24.3 seconds

$196.80 : 

By doing yard work for his neighbors, Jon earned $28.50 during January and $37.10 during February. In each of the months, March and April, he earned the same amount that he earned in January and February combined. How much did he earn altogether during these four months? $196.80

$1.00 : 

Sabrina and her two friends each bought a CD that cost $16.55, including tax. If they paid with fifty dollars and sixty-five cents, how much change should they receive? $1.00

$191.57 : 

PRMS raised $480.25 and Wheatridge raised $477.60. This money was then distributed equally to five needy families. How much did each family receive? $191.57

Slide 13: 

Start here Wednesday!

$6.22 : 

$6.22 Jared and three friends went out for pizza after school. The total cost of their meal was $24.88. How much did each person pay if they shared the bill equally?

$2.50 : 

$2.50 At the fair, Jadon spend $5 for food. Jadon spent the rest of the $40 he brought on ride tickets. He bought 14 tickets. How much did each ticket cost?

$1.25 : 

If Chris spent $5 total on four comic books and each book cost the same amount, how much did each comic book cost? $1.25

$1.35 : 

Veronica and her friend went shopping at the mall. Veronica bought a shirt for $13.97 and then purchased 2 medium drinks. All together, Veronica spent $16.67. How much did each drink cost? $1.35

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