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unto the Lotus Feet of our beloved Satguru H H Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji Who inspired us to found Humble prostrations

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“Joy and Sorrow are the only two known states of mind as far as Humankind is concerned. Divinity is to get past this dual state and be in the state of constant bliss” H H Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji Guiding Quotation

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Guiding Precept Universal Peace and Harmony through Inner Transformation through Spiritual Awakening through The Chanting of divine names (Mahamantra) -With Pramana of Shastras (Bhagavatha dharma)

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A holy edifice dedicated to continuous chanting of Mahamantra to infuse Spiritual vibes of Prema and Shanthi Namadwaar

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Namadwaar Activities Mahamantra chanted minimum 6 hours In some Namadwaars it is 14 hours Daily Prabodanam and Dolotsavam Prayer requests taken and prayers performed Nagara kirtan (an old tradition which was lost in many places) weekly Publications and other media stocked and promulgated

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Ambasamudram Cuddalore Chennai Madurai Periakulam Salem Sivakasi Trichy Tuticorin Ernakulam(Kerala) Nashik(Maharastra) India Namadwaars

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Namadwaar Activities

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Namadwaar Activities

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Namadwaar Activities Rented Premises (typical) Paid volunteers Publish pamphlets, books to spread Awareness on Dharma / nama / Prayers Annadanam during occasions All festivals celebrated with nama Social activities like Education support, etc. Spreading Dharma to nearby villages and towns direct visits, lectures, pamphlets, prayer meets School visits / factory workers visit Typical Expense per Namadwaar ~ Rs. 20,000 (FY 2010-2011)

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Mass Prayers

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Educational Institutions Programs to address Secular and/or spiritual needs of students: Positivity, Optimism, Gratitude Love and Compassion Power of Prayers Meditation Success & Happiness

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Educational Institutions

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Educational Institutions India – City, Town and Village schools , Univs Singapore – Intl Schools USA – Universities, Schools United Kingdom – Universities and Schools Nigeria

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Students’ Mass Prayers X and XII standard Exam going students 40 cities and towns in India 110,000 students @ 2010

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Corporate Programs To promote using a Secular, Universal Message: Balanced Living Effectiveness Efficiency Happiness@Work Conflict Management Success

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Corporate Programs

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Corporate Programs India U.S.A Indonesia Nigeria Dubai U.K Singapore

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Students’ Mass Prayers

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Free Public Lectures Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - Bhagavatham / Ramayanam Bhaktha charitrams General topics related to Dharma

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Young Adults Camp India Singapore USA Nigeria U.K Australia Malaysia Indonesia Bhakthi Simple questions Simple answers 6 3 2 Meditation Shlokas Story and Role play Bhajans

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Free Medical Camps/ Clinics

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More Namadwaars… Mass Prayers Social Programmes Expand activities in other States Inculcating Values in Youth and Children Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times- in all STATE Capitals Future Plans…

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Any noble endeavor succeeds only when all join hands and work together… We look forward to your continued good wishes and patronage!!! Thanks ever so much! Heartfelt Thanks!!!

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Prayer requests Q&A On Practical Spirituality Daily Inspiring Messages News on Satsang happenings Nibbles on sanathana Dharma Blogs on divine experiences with Mahamantra

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GLOBAL ORGANISATION FOR DIVINITY INDIA TRUST 10/26, I Floor Ramakrishnapuram 2nd Steet West Mambalam Chennai- 600033 044-23718351 Contact us

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