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this is very cool presentation and have lot info about m learning thank you

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What is happening?

Normal ! : 

Normal ! But What about this?

M-Learning : 

M-Learning A Brief Workshop Prepared By: Samir Abdul-Hameed Member Of The English Department Inspired By: Mr Ahmed Mohieddin Head Of The English Department Application of Mobile Phones As Teaching And Learning Tools

What is M-Learning? : 

What is M-Learning? M-Learning is a natural extension to conventional e-learning practice through which mobile technology allows a greater degree of access to learning resources.

Benefits of M-learning: : 

Benefits of M-learning: 24/7 access to conventional e-learning resources such as computerized syllabi, online instructional materials, … etc. Supporting locational learning contexts such as field-trips, museums…etc. Enhancing interactivity in contact teaching situations. Engaging shy learners through use of familiar, non-threatening learning environment. Some schools are now using GPS to locate ss & check the absentees.

How to apply : 

How to apply Get your ss to use a mobile dictionary to define key words. Get your ss to use a mobile encyclopedia to tell a brief account about a topic. Get your ss to use a mobile camera to make a photo narrative ( group work). Get your ss to use a mobile to make a documentary (group work) Get your ss to use a mobile to make a short movie; drama or instructional (group work). you can:

Practice what we preach : 

Practice what we preach

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