Agricultural Land for Sale in India in Pocketing Budget

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Agricultural Land for Sale in India in Pocketing Budget :

Agricultural Land for Sale in India in Pocketing Budget

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Indian economic is heavily depending on the agriculture sector and the situation will likely to be remained the same for some time being. Quoting from the current figures, about 58 % of the population depending on the agriculture for their living, and that percentage is certainly very substantial. Currently, 19 % of GDP coming from this sector alone and narrating the story how pathetic today is the story of Indian agriculture. Do you know? Only 33 % of the land is suitable for the agriculture and because of the poor infrastructure, we are not making from good from this as well. As if not, that government is not concerned about this pathetic situation, but due to the pervasive corruption, their beneficiary schemes have not been reaching to the needy farmers. Agricultural land for sale in India is also a matter of concern, because some landlords are selling these agricultural lands in commercial prices, and by the way, they are very high.

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If we start to count the major agricultural states, then – Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra are the frontrunners in production. Recently, Madhya Pradesh also won a krishi kraman prize for its out of the box initiative to bring down the problems of farmers. Though, they have got success at some level, but still a lot of work has to be done. Still, to buy agricultural land for sale in Jabalpur is a costly affair and government needs to strictly deal with this menace. As we already mentioned that about 60 % of the population is still relying on the farming,  but only 20 % or less are capable of earning some money out of this profession, rest of are only living in hand to mouth condition. The situation is getting worse when hundreds of farmers committing suicide in states like – Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and many more.  Can you imagine farmers who feed us and because of them we can have a square meal are committing suicide because they have nothing to eat, not even a one square meal.

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First of all, governments have to bring the cost of agricultural land for sale in India in every state. And to achieve this, governments must take the consensus of every state and tabled a bill in the parliament. This is the first and foremost responsibility for us as well, to support the farmer community.

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