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Class Rules for Mrs. M. Payne 3rd Grade Class:

Class Rules for Mrs. M. Payne 3 rd Grade Class Let’ s Start on a positive note.

Classroom procedure Continues:

Classroom procedure Continues I will raise my hand- “you will give me five.” 1. Eyes on me 2. Lips closed 3. Ears are listening. 4.Sit up straight in chair. 5. Hand and feet quiet

Classroom Procedure:

Classroom Procedure When you enter the classroom greet me and take an AR Book from your bin. After 10 minutes of reading , work on bell ringer. Swap my sharpen pencil for your non sharpen pencil and began working on bell ringer. Take out your homework.

Classroom Procedure:

Classroom Procedure Come to class prepared with all supplies and homework completed. Participate in class activities. Listen when other are speaking. Share and take turns. Keep your hands, feet, and objects t yourself. Follow direction and all school rules. Use kind words

PowerPoint Presentation:

Raise your hand to speak. Use conversational voices. Use appropriate language. No food and drinks allowed unless you get permission.

Good behavior=Rewards:

Good behavior=Rewards Positive note/ call parents Free/fun time Privilege pass Game time Free time Pencil Educational toy from Treasure box Computer time

Bad Behavior = Consequences:

Bad Behavior = Consequences First offense, reminder of rule broken. Second offense, reminder of rule broken and time out Third offense, note to parents, loose two privileges. Fourth offense, teacher will call parents. Fifth offense, will be written up and sent to principal’s office. * If a student is severely disruptive he/she will immediately be sent to the principal’s office

Our Agreement:

Our Agreement I have read the class rules and agree to follow them. ____________________________ Student Name and Signature

PowerPoint Presentation:

Let’s have a great year!

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