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Moving house is a long process & it takes a lot of effort to get the things done correctly but if you forgot something then it needs to be done again so here’s a Moving house checklist that will be handy to ease your relocation process.


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Checklist to ease your relocation process

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What to do  General Checklist 4 weeks before moving 2 weeks before moving 1 week before moving A day before moving On moving day footer

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General Checklist Always think of ahead Start your planning 4-6 weeks prior to move Decide Removalists Decide whether you want to move it yourselves or need to hire a removalist Notifying for change of address Inform the authorities(school, bank, transport etc) for the change of address

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4 Weeks Before Moving Prepare an inventory of items to be moved Dispose of those items which are not required any more Sort the items in different categories like fragile, electronics, clothes etc. Arrange the packing materials & pack the items of least requirement

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2 Weeks Before Moving Service your Vehicles Fill your prescriptions if you are under medication Arrange a day off with your office for moving day Discontinue any local memberships, newspapers etc Make any pending bills & arrange disconnection of utilities

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1 Week Before Moving Keep bed linens, towels that can be used on the first night Remind the household services e.g. g ardner , cleaner  Backup any digital data, there might be a risk of data damage Prepare a plan for furniture set up at your new address Make arrangements for Removalist's vehicles

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The day prior to move Start packing the items, you are taking with yourself Clean your oven & refrigerators, keep the vacuum cleaner ready Unplug & pack all the electrical appliances not required now Keep some cash for any last minute expenses

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The moving day Keep your essentials with you Check all the items being loaded onto the moving van Keep a first aid kit for any minor injuries Load the kitchen boxes last so they come off first at your new house Make a final check & see if anything left behind

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There's lot more to take care of FIND MORE ON House Moving Checklist

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