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Acid Reflux is a condition caused when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus, causing it to become irritated and inflamed.


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How to Cure Acidity Permanently Acid Reflux is a condition caused when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus causing it to become irritated and inflamed. The Esophagus also known as the food pipe is the tube that stretches from your throat to your stomach. When you swallow your food it goes down the esophagus to the stomach. Acid reflux or Heartburn can happen to almost everyone. Many people are struggling to find how to cure acid reflux or heartburn permanently. This is because heartburn is a condition that cannot be cured by taking a drug. Strong determination and high commitment are required to stop this problem effectively. After you eat a meal your stomach produces hydrochloric acid to help digest your food. The cells lining your stomach secrete a protective mucus that resists corrosion by this acid. When the acid backs up into your esophagus there is no protective mucous in that area and the acid can damage the lining. There are many contributing factors to acid reflux most of which are preventable. Overeating for example especially before bedtime can overload your stomachs ability to digest your meal efficiently. The result is an overworked sphincter muscle in the entrance to your stomach. The sphincter is a type of valve that relaxes when you swallow your food to allow it to enter the stomach. After it passes into the stomach this muscle contracts to prevent stomach acid from moving up into the esophagus. Another primary cause is combining your foods improperly. Like overeating when you dont combine foods properly your digestive juices can neutralize and slow down the digestive process. Learning how to cure acid reflux for many people may be as simple as learning to combine the foods that you eat properly. For example: You should always eat fruit on an empty stomach. When a fruit is combined with most other types of food it digests very slowly creating gas and indigestion. You should eat fruit on an empty stomach preferably no sooner than thirty minutes before eating other foods or wait at least three hours after eating other foods. Contrary to the good old American way meat and potatoes do not mix well. One requires an alkaline enzyme to digest and the other an enzyme that is acidic. When this two mix they neutralize and not much good comes of it. The food sits in your stomach. Your body then works harder than it should have to. You feel bloated and your stomach rumbles and grumbles. Eat more fiber The lack of fiber in your diet can cause everything to slow down and get back up. Fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of them daily can do wonders for your digestive system. It is important however to combine them properly with other foods. Drink more water Water keeps things moving. The average adult should be drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. If you drink a lot of caffeine you should drink even more water. Caffeine tends to dehydrate you.

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Avoid big meals just before bedtime. Many people who suffer from acid reflux experience some of their worst symptoms at night after overeating. Try not to eat dinner much later than two to three hours before bedtime. Bad eating habits are the primary cause of this disease because they can cause severe problems with your digestive system. Here are some methods that can be shared to you to cure your problem permanently. However the patients have to change their eating habits. For example its strongly advised to avoid having foods at night or before they sleep. Moreover alcoholic beverages such as beer should be avoided whenever possible. Some people also found that carbonated drinks are bad for acid reflux condition as well. This is because these drinks can increase PH level in the abdominal and cause pain in your chest. Do you smoke regularly If you do you heartburn condition will worsen sharply because tobacco and cigarette can increase the acid level. Other health problems are also caused by smoking as well. If youre reluctant to quit smoking this is a good time for you to quit. There are also many herbal remedies that could aid heartburn treatment. These are slippery elm cancer bush catnip and ginger root. However you should consult with your doctors before you start using these herbs. How to eliminate acid reflux in throat There are a lot of people who think that the reason that they have acid reflux is that they have plenty acid in their stomachs and so they take antacids that produce side effects such as diarrhea and constipation. However the amount of acid in your gut is not the problem. Your stomach lining secretes the digestive acid fluids and other chemicals that are needed to break down the food particles that you eat so that the digestive process can begin. The problem that you have is to do with a muscular valve called the esophageal sphincter. This valve connects the lower end of your esophagus your throat to the upper end of your stomach. Its designed to open up and allow food to go down into your stomach and then close to stop food and acid from traveling upwards. Now when youre eating your food is only supposed to go downwards from the esophagus and into your stomach where it gets broken down and digested. However one of the reasons that you are suffering from acid reflux is because the esophageal sphincter relaxes too frequently opens up when it shouldnt and allows some of the contents of your stomach to travel back up into your throat which is why you can either taste what youre digesting or you get a sour taste in your mouth.

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3 tips of acid reflux treatment home remedy If you are in need of learning how acid reflux treatment home remedy you dont have to look any further than the internet. There are dozens of different manuals that give you elementary step by steps guides that will show you how changing minor things in your eating habits and diet will treat your acid reflux naturally. Some even have programs that will alleviate your acid reflux within one week and the perfect ones back up their words with money back guarantees. Here are three tips that show you just how simple it is to acid reflux treatment home remedy: 1- Drink plenty of water - Every healthy person knows that water is an essential part of life. How much water should you drink 2- Cut out the Coffee - You should cut back to 1 cup of coffee per day. 3- Time to Eat - Dont overload your stomach with food. You should eat smaller portions throughout the day 5-6 times. When you eat chew your food thoroughly. You will be surprised doing this one thing will impact your health. You dont have to be a health freak you only have to know what triggers what. Usually when you go to the doctor you will be prescribed some pills but all these pills do is ease the symptoms and keep you dependent on the pharmacy and a slave to the acid reflux. If you learn how to cure acid reflux naturally you will remedy this problem at the root which means that you can say good bye to those antacids and pills. Consequently when you learn how to cure acid reflux naturally you can finally look forward to dinner dates family gatherings holidays and any other food centred event without clutching your pill bottle in anticipation of that burning acid reflux sensation. Did you know most people are suffering from acid reflux for years while even on prescription drugs Can you afford to wait that long Acid reflux can be easily cured in a much faster and simpler way Best medicine for acidity in the stomach For many years people have had to undergo side effects from prescribed hospital drugs supposed to cure acid reflux. These side effects sometimes prove hard to avoid as they may also need treatment of their own. A lot of expenses are usually incurred when you follow this approach and the problem may not appear to be solved in the long run. This has led many to turn to herbs for acid reflux. They have proved to be efficient cheap and did not bring with them side effects. One herb used to cure this disease is the long Indian pepper which is widely known for its prowess as a powerful digestion stimulant. The herb enhances food digestion and metabolism is increased is achieved. The stomach is prevented from being too full due to the action as the content is subjected to less pressure and thus it cannot be pushed up in the esophagus. This prevents stomach acid from ever travelling with the food back to the

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throat. However for you to realize proper results long Indian pepper is usually taken in small quantities together with your food to prevent the food from tasting bitter while eating. The herb can be bought while dry and ready for use. Jesthamadh is another sweet tasting herb that is commonly used to treat this condition. Its anti acidic qualities are the ones being put to use here. It neutralizes the acid found in the digestive system and leaves out any possibility of it back flowing to the throat. The herb can be consumed in powder form or sometimes be taken in its solid form. Just like the long Indian pepper Jesthamadh is supposed to be consumed in small doses whenever required. Another herb for acid reflux used in its natural form to cure the disease is pimpali. The herb improves digestion levels by keeping the system light and clean. This prevents any content from the stomach from ever back flowing to the throat. Acid being part of the content is therefore also limited from travelling thus effects of acid reflux being avoided. Too much consumption of this commodity contributes to having a bad flavour of the food taken along with it. Amla being an incredible anti oxidant is widely used to relieve patients from the painful sufferings of this condition. It does the neutralization of any content of acid present in the esophagus and in the process the intensity or high levels of corrosiveness in the acid disappear. The burning of the tissues will not take place as a result of this action and relief would have been achieved at last. Popularity ratings for this herb are very high because apart from it being considered as the most useful herb for acid reflux Amla is also seen to treat hair problems and is deemed to be the best medicine for healthy skin. If you decide that herbal treatment is the way to go for you now do not hesitate as this would be a lasting solution. The acid reflux foods to avoid A careful selection of foods and adopting good nutritional standards can contribute significantly to relieving the symptoms and ultimately curing the disease. Some food and drinks can have a detrimental effect on the condition and aggravate the symptoms of esophagitis. Acid reflux dietary modification If you are suffering from acid reflux you know how important the right diet is. It doesnt matter if you are currently suffering from ill effects of the acid reflux disease diet is going to be your best defence against a flare up for you in the future. Diet modifications are vital for the rest of your life once you begin suffering from acid reflux. More than likely when your medical care provider diagnoses you he or she will inform you of some of the dietary modifications you will need to make. Keep in mind these changes are likely to be lifelong not just temporary. acid reflux causes Not all people react to foods the same way. Therefore you will need to take note of any foods that might cause an issue to do with acid reflux. Here is a

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general list of food that you should avoid consuming. Keep in mind some of the foods on this list might not aggravate your disease and others might. It is imperative that you identify the foods and beverages that cause your acid reflux to flare up. When you first begin to notice you have symptoms of acid reflux disease you should start taking notes of the foods and drinks that cause you discomfort. Once you know what causes the pain you should avoid those. In many cases simple modifications to your diet can prove to keep it at bay. Speak with your medical care provider or local pharmacist if you need additional help with your acid reflux. You might be able to take an over the counter medication or require a prescription for your symptoms. Be sure to disclose any other medication you are currently taking as well as any allergies to medications you might have. A great tip you can follow is to eliminate the products as mentioned above from your home. Begin by throwing away or donating any unopened products that cause your acid reflux disease to flare up. Any opened products should be thrown away.

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