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Tips during nine months of pregnancy by Mothercare Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home


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Very neat and hygienic clinic. I delivered my baby in this clinic and I am grateful to the doctors for my safe delivery.

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Mothercare Maternity Clinic:

Mothercare Maternity Clinic PREGNANCY TIPS BY

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If You Are Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant First thing you need to do is to maintain a healthy diet

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During First Trimester First three Months of pregnancy is referred to first trimester

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The amniotic sac is a water-tight sac that forms around the fertilized egg. It helps cushion the growing embryo throughout pregnancy

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Your baby's facial features continue to develop  The placenta also develops in the first trimester

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First three months are most important months of your child’s growth so you need extra care and healthy diet By the end of third month, your baby is fully formed

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During Second Trimester After completion of 1st trimester next three months of pregnancy is referred to first trimester

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For many women, hitting the second trimester of pregnancy is like flipping a switch. Suddenly, the nausea is gone, your appetite returns, and your energy is back.

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Take advantage of your renewed energy and get in a little more activity

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 You may suffer from back pain during 2 nd trimester. To ease the pressure, sit up straight and use a chair that provides good back support .

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During Third Trimester Last three months of pregnancy is referred to Third Trimester

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This is the most crucial time when you need much care of you and your child. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C, fibre, vitamin K Go for walk daily and meet Your love after 3rd trimester

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